In a workplace setting, what triggers ‘discomfort’???

Some would say wages or finances, while others may say relationship between colleagues (especially if your seated beside a real ***).

For me, I would say that office canoodling is one pain in the @ss. What do I mean by ‘office canoodling’?

Let us just say that your seatmates were constantly guarded by his boyfriend and they constantly smooched or show their affection to another even while working. Plus, during his breaks, he frolics the station of the girl and waits for her. It seems she has her own personal bodyguard who sits beside her while sleeping on a vacant chair. I mean, come on! She is way pass legal age and she knows to defend herself. Why do you have to sleep while on her station? You have your own station to do whatever you wanted to do and you have the rest of the day after work to stay beside her. 16 hours is not more than enough?? Are you her personal body guard??  GOODNESS GRACIOUS!!!

Come on… isn’t that a huge discomfort on your part if you’re the person seated beside them.

I mean you are there to do your job because you are paid on every single second that they hire you. But instead, they are like the local version of Romeo and Juliet which smother each others existence. It seems they were apart for such a long time and this is the only time that they could hang around and show the world that they are in love.

Oh come on…. Public display of affection is not my cup of tea and your workplace is not the right place to do so.

I don’t even know how to act. My actions are prohibited because of my environment. How do you think I could manage to do my job if a couple is embracing, smooching and/or canoodling one another while on the job? It’s inappropriate and unacceptable.

I think the code of work ethics should be explained to this people…AGAIN.

The extreme may have been is kissing while on work! I don’t mean the usual peck or goodbye kiss that is just less than 2 seconds. What I meant is the constant peck, simultaneous kissing and anything that involves a tongue and saliva beyond the usual norm. QUE HORROR!!!!

Why don’t you get a room for yourself!!! Can’t you afford one? It thought that we are here to work!!!! Arrrghhhh!!! The agony of the day!!!!!

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