the MOST INSPIRING MESSAGES if your EX comes back

It’s time for you to hold up the flag of freedom.  Your EX came back out from nowhere.  He kept on texting you.  He kept on forwarding sappy messages about ‘love and longing’. He kept on e-mailing mushy stuff about ‘forgiveness’ and ‘can we work things out kind-of-thing’.  Hell, he was even talking with your sister after decades of anonymity. 


He has this lame excuse all tucked in his belt.


But YOU on the other hand, after you claim sanity back to the ‘land of the living’, happy being single and contented with what you are currently doing right now (we could shortlist it to ‘flirting’ and ‘reading daily horoscopes’).  You even found a new a hobby such as collecting stamps and tried out new sports you haven’t tried before like kickboxing, archery, masonry etc.  In short, you’re happy being single with the company of friends and family.  You can finally say ‘‘naknamputsa, who needs his cheating white ass after all’.


Now, he is back. The guy who left you…  The guy whom you worship walked out because of some lame excuse. 


‘I think we are not meant with each other’

‘We are two different people’

‘I just wanted some space…’

‘it’s not you…its me..’

‘I just want to think things over’


You can still remember how heavy the sky is in which it has pulled all its weight on you.  How many barrels of tears you shed and the number of plates you smashed at the wall.


What will you do?  How will you let him know that you’re no longer in love with him and of course slap him with your sweet revenge?  Here are some of the most inspiring text messages I’ve had collected that you could send him either through text or email…




revenge text number 1

Some people say that you don’t have to know what you have until you lose it, but it’s not like that…you always know what you have, you just never thought you would lose it


revenge text number 2

Here is something from Ally McBeal that touched me


‘If you see me walking the road with someone else, it is not because I like that person’s company, it is because you were not brave enough to walk beside me. If you hear me talking about that person all the time, it is not because that person pleases me, it is because you were too deaf to hear my heart beats.  If you feel me falling with someone new, it is not because I love that person, it is because you were not there to catch me as I fall.’


revenge text number 3

Learn to love the person who’se willing to love you at present! Forget the person in the past and learn to thank them for hurting you which lead you to the right person you have right now. 




revenge text number 4

Don’t be cold to someone you care about…just because you that person couldn’t realize your worth.  Instead be nice to him so he could realize what he has been missing.


revenge text number 5

SOMETIMES you need to be deaf for the sake of somebody

You need to be insensitive to lessen the pain

You need to smile for the strength of others


And sometimes…

You just need to stop…because you’re tired of everything


revenge text number 6

I sometimes miss the comfort of having someone but I’m getting used to being alone.  I’ve learned to let go, proud to say I moved on and that time has made me strong.  I screwed up at one point, its stupid, I know but life goes on after all and finally I know what I truly deserve… a peace of mind and not a piece of shit


revenge text number 7

when someone leaves you, don’t hope and wait for that person to come back…feel good about yourself and say: ‘thanks for giving me the chance to find someone better than you’


revenge text number 8

when you leave, you never begin to consider the possibility, in leaving the best you’ve had so far,  you are leaving the best you’ll ever have

– eliot perlman


revenge text number 9

you’ll never find anybody that achieves great success in life without a give up story.  Nothing comes free… and there will come a time when you will find that you too will have to give up something good if you want something better.  Thank you for being the one reason why I want to be better.


revenge text number 10

a single mistake can change your whole life. From then you’ll see how the little things you ignore meant everything.  Thank you for admitting your wrong since I will never be yours ever again. I moved on


BONUSE revenge text for YOU

I don’t worry too much about the people who hurt me right now because eventually they will know my worth and someday they will die.  And I’m patiently waiting

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