Hugh Jackman squeals ‘Im not GAY’



Hollywood celebrity HUGH JACKMAN dispels rumors that he is gay.  Questions about the star’s sexuality surfaced when he played gay Australian songwriter Peter Allen in Broadway’s The Boy from Oz, for which he won a Tony award in 2004 and performed in his native Australia in 2006.


“I’d be happy to go and deny it, because I’m not,” he reveals Parade Magazine when asked if he is straight or not. “But by denying it, I’m saying there is something shameful about it, and there isn’t anything shameful.”


“The questions about sexuality I find more here in America than anywhere else, because its a big hang-up and defines what people think about themselves and others,” the 40 year old actor and happily married for more than a decade added. “It’s not a big issue in Australia.”


Three cheers for HUGH…. and as a form of a celebration to his success in Hollywod and his upcoming film, I am featuring the sexiest pictures I could find in found below.  Enjoy!!!




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