Learning Life 101 (part 6)

herewith is the 6th series of Learning Life 101.  Hoping for your enlightenment!


True strength of character is not just calculated by how well we manage to carry some sizable load under challenging situations, but is perhaps better measured by our ability to remain kind and light spirited..

 even when were sure that we cant bear the weight of one more ounce of life…



Why do we have repeated experiences? 

It’s because repeated experiences have one aim: – to teach the thing you refuse to learn.



A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent in doing nothing



Some won’t appreciate what you say or do…

but as long as you speak honestly from the heart and let them see who you really are, you’ll be fine.  This is not a perfect world; this is not a perfect life.  So live life the way you want because no matter what you do, people would never run out of something to say



When you’ve done something wrong, admit it and be sorry

No one has ever choked to death from swallowing his pride.



Life involves a fight, a race and a test.  When things get tough, remember your identity. 

You’re a fighter, you’re a finisher, and you’re a faithful conqueror of GOD



The hardest lessons and problems in life are also the most precious ones… you know why?

They force us to face our weaknesses and fears

But above all, they unleash hidden strengths we never know we had



In my existence, I realized that happiness is a very subjective factor in once life.  Being happy doesn’t depend on achieving what you want, but rather making the best out of what is give.


Life isn’t fair, it never was… the only thing that can make you completely happy is contentment.  Be content on what you achieve, but be sure to aim high and never stop believing you can do better every time.  But if all else fails, don’t forget that an ordinary you has an extraordinary GOD to back you up.



Life only becomes meaningful when we live it with purpose, when we survive every trial and anticipate positively every tomorrow with hope and dedication



A humble person is like a lighthouse… it doesn’t ring bells nor fire guns to call attention to its luminance…it merely shines.

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