MICHAEL VON STEEL: hot and delicious!


I was just watching  ‘THE LAIR’.  In case if you are wondering what is it, it’s a gay drama-horror flick in HERE! Network composed of hot hunk vampires who needs to survive the modern world. Somehow like ‘The Twilight’ but this time, its all gay!!!!!  


The screen play is better than the other gay drama series which also starts with the word ‘THE’ (if you get my drift). I bet the producers got a lot of reaction from their gay audience and tried to increase the quality of its hand writing. The series is full of twist, turns and romance plus it gives an additional straight debacle which deals with battered wife. ‘Wahpak!


One of the guest stars captures my attention. On the series, he is named

‘Erick’, the newly baptized gay vampire which appears from the first few series (I guess…if there are others, let me know).


His name is MICHAEL VON STEEL.   One of the biggest porn stars in the biz who stands around 6’5” and was voted as one of Men Magazine’s 10 SEXIEST MEN OF 2006.  Before he became one of the most popular porn stars to date for JakeCruise, he even got a gig as a painter. If he were, I would love him to paint my stuff!!! And those tattoo…wow…. it really turns me on hehehehehehe!


Hoorayyyy…… he gain another fan in me.  Scroll down and drool!

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