MY GAME PLAN 2: workout, salt and white party dilemma


For months I have been slaving myself to go to the gym just to get that few inches around my waist and as well tone my upper body. 

Well… my body is almost the same and not cover boy material yet but I do think I’m making progress. The picture above is the most recent picture I got taken after hours from the gym. Yup… I’m almost there.  I know its blurry but its the best picture i could share.  im still PRO anonimity hehehehehehehehe. 

I hope just in time to tone it up for the white party which is according to the nightingales, it would be at least at the last week of June. It’s not yet time to thank Gunnar Paterson since I’m not yet at par with other boys in this blog. I do still have other tricks on hand, other than starving myself to death, including one that I have read off from Cosmo.

According to the widely read women’s magazine, three days before I need to slide into those jeans, cut back on salt. Salt is loaded with sodium, which makes the body retain water. By avoiding salty and processed foods – like canned soups, frozen meals and junk foods – I would be able to slip on those clothes that i’m about to wear.

Is this really true…anyone who can help me?  I’m desperate…help.

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