the emancipation of ADAM LAMBERT


I’m not a huge fan of the last American Idol wherein Republicans win over Democrats. Yup! I firmly believe that the match between Lambert and Allen is like the American political arena and it shows how they perceive a candidate based on their looks and not on what they can do for the people. I’m not saying that neither of the contestants is inadequate in terms of talent or singing prowess (I’m rooting for the red head girl who was left on the finals…) since both have displayed all of their efforts to provide the audience the best that they can do. What I’m trying to arrive at is how they have presented themselves to the public – Allen as the next boy next door ‘conservative’ type – sleek, squeaky clean and a guy you could always take home and present to your mother –OR-


 ‘Lambert, an adventurous persona who wears eye liner and keeps us reminded by 80’s artist including Boy George, Kiss and Queen. Well, you could also include The Prince and Elton John for the elaborate costume with an Emo twist.  


Though Allen wins over Lambert, up until this point of time, I have read a lot ranting of disputing fans that ‘Mr. Eyeliner’ should have won over ‘the boy next door’.

We have to remember, the faith of each artist lies on a text vote all across the US and perhaps the rest of the world. Just remember how Jasmine Trias landed in top 3. Most of her votes are coming from the Philippines!  We would not be called the texting capital of the world for nothing!!!!  And how about Cook vs. archuleta. There are some rumors that votes coming from Asia gave a heads up for Cook to grab the trophy.  


Now that the contest is over, the fuss between the  two kept on.Who would have a successful career and who would create a large following?  I don’t mind if ill hear a progress from Allen since some of his renditions from AI are highly consumable but i’m rather interested with Lamberts talent. He gave outstanding renditions on popular songs which gave him an edge over Allen’s sleek and rather safe repertoire. Lambert is more adventurous and definitely exciting in term of stage persona and taste in music. I love his rendition of Sammy Davis and Nina Simone’s ‘feeling good’and tears for fears ‘mad world’. I don’t mind his costumes or his man make-up as it also add up in his persona as a rocker.  Heck…. We even love KISS and they wear more than that!  I don’t want to watch a guy in stage for more than 2 hours who looks plain and simple. I wanted to be amazed and entertained which is the main reason why they are on stage and not on the audience area.  


 Hell, Lambert even landed the cover of Rolling Stones(celebrities who graced the cover in the past includes Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. Other celebrities took more than a year or two of hard labor before they even landed to its RS cover, ‘but Lambert has easily snagged the cover after a few months from the time he finished 2nd place from AI….. 2nd place girls…. He didn’t even bring home the bacon in this case)!!!!


Now as he finally admitted publicly that he indeed is ‘gay’(uhmmm are there anything that we need to know? Isn’t it that the man make-up, eye liner and eccentric costumes are dead give away???), Lambert is once again in the spotlight and audience are betting if he will even succeed in his career after public admition. Some say that it is a ‘career suicide’, but who know what the future behold???


Though that Lambert did not elaborate his sexuality during the competition – he didn’t deny it as well.  Lambert also further explain that he just don’t want the voting publics decision to be tarnished and focus on his sexuality rather than his talent. True, the competition is all about singing so why does he need to elaborate his preference and why don’t they just focus on his talent.


I wish the best for Lambert and I for one will support him – straight or not. He is a great artist and we will never see another him for centuries. He has a superb voice with great taste in music. He knew how to render each songs and where he needs to give emphasis with all due respect to the original artist who sung it and to the songwriters who created it.


But of course in a cynical world, we can’t help it… but people may judge us because of our preference.  Some even despise us even if were no doing anything bad against them. They just don’t like us because we are gay. Some straight secretly likes us but they treat us like we have N1H1. Its like when they talk with their buddies and one of their straight friends will utter dismay when they spotted a gay guy across the dining area and this guy will open bad gay jokes for ENTERTAINMENT but they secretly hide expose magazines and Streisand albums in their closet.


Just my two cents and I hope Adam would be able to read this post, I hope for the best in your career. I also hope that you would be able to write your own songs like Elton John. Elton is one of my idols and each song’s he makes is a hit irregardless of the glamorous costumes and fake wigs he wears in concert. I feel this will give you an edge to other new artist who sprouts like mushrooms almost every season. Continue getting better with your talent. Don’t just take the laurels in stride but always strive hard for better. ‘Remember, there are only a few singers who ‘outed’ themselves and become successful – SOME remain in the closet before, during or even after their death (and even if they are six feet under the ground, their lives are still a ‘hush hush’).


What I’m trying to arrive at is only a few singers has been able to live to be the person as they are.The living proof will be Elton John and George Michael.
They have been able to reach their goal after they have been able to surpass each walls laid in front of them. Aside from their marvelous voice, they know how to write the songs they sing and have been able to capture the hearts of every Harry, Mary, Dick and Tracy. At this point, the looks and the voice comes second if you don’t know how to handle your current talent, develop and flourish during the process. Learn to take good care of your fans and respect the comments of other without loosing focus.  Just rely on your gut in choosing songs to render and give your very best. TO ADAM…. my sincerest hugs on your journey!!!!  Make us PROUD!!!!I have attacehd below some of his grand performances in AI that i dearly love. Enjoy!!!






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