100 doses of inspiration (series 2)


Dose 11:  GOD always plan the best things for us, sometimes we feel being left out but actually

GOD is saving the better one than what we actually asked for.  


Dose 12:  Facing life’s challenges is never easy, were struggling in many ways, ‘GOD may not give us all the easy way but he gives all the love we need to carry on


Dose 13: 

One day I asked GOD for a bunch of beautiful flowers. But instead HE gave me a cactus with thorns.  


Later I asked HIM to give me butterflies.  But instead he gave me worms.  


I was disappointed and wept.  


But few days after, ‘I have noticed that the cactus bloomed with beautiful flowers and the worms became butterflies.  All things will be made beautiful, in the perfect time and place. GOD’s time is the best.  


Dose 14:  Sometimes we think we have so little:  


Little blessings, little work, little salary, little allowance.  

But if we start to appreciate the little things in life, we will find out that we have so much:  


So much of FAMILY and FRIENDS, so much of TRUST and so much of GOD in our hearts


Dose 15:  

GOD will never leave you empty. He will always replace whatever you’ve lost.  

If HE asks you to put something down, it’s because he wants you to pick up something better.  


Dose 16:  The ROAD TO SUCCESS is not straight.

There is a curve called FAILURE, a loop called CONFUSION, speed bumps called FRIENDS, red lights called ENEMIES, caution lights called FAMILY. You will have flats called JOBS

but if you have a spare called DETERMINATION, an engine called PERSEVERANCE, insurance called FAITH and driver called GOD until you make it to a place called SUCCESS


Dose 17:

 Though my days have been hell at times,
I still reserve a reason to smile.


Though destiny seemed to test my strength,I’m still keeping my faith



Because I know that after every tear that falls from my eyes comes a new spark of happiness that is even greater than every pain I felt. So keep believing on happy endings



Dose 18:  Trials exist not because GOD wants to test you.
Trials exist because you need to learn one thing…


That is a lie.


HE already knows your capabilities, more than you could imagine – 



Dose 19: 


See, sow and surrender your dreams to GOD. He will answer your prayers and he is preparing the best version of YOU.


Dose 20:  

if you leave something wonderful with those who share your life with, they will find it hard to erase you from their hearts because LITTLE THINGS MATTER MOST

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