Drew Arellano: your perfect ‘straight’ best friend

His smile lightens up my day and his funny antics on a morning show paints a smile on my face…

DREW ARELLANO definitely gives a refreshing enigma to my daily morning habit.  His antics and ‘to-the-Nth-level’  energy burst up our dailies and provides a wacky persona that greets us ‘GOOD MORNING’

If i were to have a straight bestfriend whom i will equally respect and love the way he is, i would choose to have Drew as one.  His infectious smile and coy antics without the hang-ups are truly enjoyable.  Have you ever watched his travel show ‘Balik-Bayan’???  The best!!!!  I never miss an episode!!!! Ang swerte ni Iya Villana!!!!!

Though he loves to joke around, this fun-loving guy boast with hunky features that you wouldnt miss.  Check out his pictures below:



mr. nice guy with the girls (lucky....)
mr. nice guy with the girls (lucky….)


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