MY GAME PLAN: a sweet and spicy pictorial



As you know, my first game plan why I’m slaving hours to buff-up myself is due to the WHITE PARTY last June. Indeed, though I haven’t measure my waist line nor my biceps at this point but I got a lot of reaction from my friends and co-employees that ‘something had changed on my over-all persona’. They say that the gym hours had finally paved off.  


I’m proud to announce that I have been able to enhance (in one way or another) my chest area and buttocks. I got great feedback and I will accept name calling including ‘bootylicious’ …bwahahahahahahaha


Let me show a picture last WHITE PRIDE. Just look on that chest … (hey, i’m the GUY on your right side wearing white….the other guy is a model and my body is NOT yet on that stage.)  


Now, I’m setting a new goal.  A naughty pictorial by October.


Something to look forward on my birth month. I know… I know, I’m not good looking or model material but I’m just raising the goal a bit higher to motivate myself. At least, while i’m still alive, I get to pose ‘sexy’ hahahahahhaha
Now… the only problem is looking for that photographer


I have attached some of the pegs below which I would like to emulate… if you have suggestions, please do not hesitate to place your comments


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