MUSIC REVIEW: ‘nagmahal ako ng bakla’ by Dagtang Lason

i was playing at the gym and sweating like a monkey when all of a sudden this ‘gay song’ aired on local radio.  i never thought that i would vanish in thin air without hearing a ‘gay related song’ on local radio station that would give gay guys like me on a far more better light…

i bet you may have started guessing songs that Michael V has sung nor Parokya ni Edgar’s ‘This Guy is IN love With You Pare’… well… youre wrong

though they may have sung some gay related melodies but it doenst give gay guys like me a chance to defend ourselves – themes that shows how scared/despised our own skin or how we run after our crushes, which is probably incoherent with what was happening nowadays. 

the song ‘Nagmahal ako ng bakla’ by Dagtang Lason (just correct me if im wrong) gave new perspective on how Gay guys like me love unconditionally.  Yup…

Im so amazed and delighted that songs like this were already aired, plus even one of the ‘gym bunnies’ on the same place where i build my muscles has been singing this song… REMARKABLY, he knew the full song huh!!!

SO HERE you go, the YOUTUBE homemade MTV that stirs and created comments from both sides of the fence:

4 thoughts on “MUSIC REVIEW: ‘nagmahal ako ng bakla’ by Dagtang Lason

  1. hello dez… im sorry … if your referring sa artist or singers…i dont know them personally. how i wish as i do love the song their created. sobrang ganda!

    if ever kilala mo sila…pakisabi sa kanila na i like their song. thanks

  2. ahmm
    dbah that song is
    the theme song
    of the story true or false..

    i just want to ask if u know
    where i can read that story..
    one of my friend told me
    that its a great story..

    but she/he ddnt tell me the site,,

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