a look back for PHIL YOUNGHUSBAND

IM a devotee of Celebrity Duet’s and every season, they have been able to come up with controversial contestants that kept this blogger busy downloading footages from the YOUTUBE.  Last season were no different as i were rooting for the British model Phil Younghusband for the finals.

Though i admit that he may not win the Grand Prize but at least he will land on the TOP 3.  I bet ladies and the gay community pull out all our powers in making this possible but the texting capability of MMDA officials are far powerful than us.  Plus, you cannot beat the x-deal they have to outplay the rest fo the contestants –  a vote for MMDA chair or you get the ticket violation hahahahahha.  Just kidding. 

MMDA Bayani were a revelation as well.  He could carry a note or two and his performance his fabulous.

Anyhow, for PHIL, the show gave him an avenue to show his unique…err… GOD-ly looks and awesome hypnotism to the gay public…  Just look on those endorsements that came his way after including Alaska and Kenny Rogers.  I choose the snippets that i enojyed the most with extra…. enjoy


OMG…Phil has a younger brother who is equally handsome as he is.  And just imagine if he is singing ‘cant take my eyes from you’ while in the shower….. waaahhh i could melt

Phil Younghusband with the controversial Dr. Hayden Kho

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