PARE… SOBRANG CHEEEZY: a gay guy’s hopeless romantic day dream (series 3)

of course, text messages plays a vital role in our modern lives.  these three text messages may have brighten up my day, placed a smile in my face and pulls that day dreamer in me that someday, my prince will come…


Two boys both grew up as bestfriends. They became very close to each other that they promised never to get separated from one another.  Years have passed and the other  decided to get married .  just after the wedding, the best friend texted his buddy and confessed his true feelings: “tol congrats. Gusto ko lang malaman mo na love kita. Kung hindi lang sana tayo parehong lalaki…” his bestfriend replied ‘pare kung sinabi mo lang sana naipaglaban kita….”


I WANT  a guy who can proudly say… I LOVE YOU  even in front of many people.

Who can see me beautiful. Who can show me off  to his parents saying ‘ma this is my boyfriend’ and who can hold my hand in front of his friends and could proudly say ‘pare he’s my life and my everything’


For once I wanna be the reason why he cuts his hair just because I told him so

The reason why he eats something just because its my favorite food

The reason why he buys a shit just because we the same color

The reason why he falls asleep while holding his phone at night

The reason why he loves something he use to hate cause I love it

And lastly, I wanna be the reason why he smiles…laughs

I wann be the ‘BECAUSE’ of his every ‘WHY’S

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