if my grandparents were alive, their jaws may have dropped when they saw this pizza commercial aired LIVE on national TV.  though it does not have any relevance to the product that it endorses, it surely captures your attention in millisecond.  I bet the client are absolutely satisfied since the main purpose of advertising is … GET THE MARKETS ATTENTION.

What makes it so special, it stars one of the most bankable celebrities in showbiz town and the hottest young basketball star- John Lloyd Cruz and Chris Tiu. Hooray for Greenwich, Chris Tiu and John Lloyd! Others may simply shy away from the project, afraid of the gay stigma it may bring forthwith to its career but John Lloyd and Chris Tiu faces the challenge head on.  I could simply put, if your comfortable with your sexuality and there are no skeletons in your closet to begin with, why not…..

in lieu with the SOBRANG CHEEEZY commercial, im setting a new series that will surely make you … super kilig. from quotes, stories, ads and series i may find.  For now, just enjoy this Greenwich commercials.

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