gay guys guide to Bangkok: BABYLON BATH HOUSE

Like any bath house, BABYLON (Soi nantha (off sathorn soi1) sathorn Rd. tel 662-6797985) is located in the middle of high end residential area.  At first, I was hesitant on where the taxi driver may be heading till I saw a signage which points to its direction.

I would like to see what the big fuss to this bath house is.  PLUS it bears the name of a fictitious club in the gay series ‘Queer as Folks”.  Jimmy and Paul (the guy who fetched me in the airport) also recommended the place as ‘a must see’.  Even a Thai website who promotes gay travel ranks Babylon as one of the TOP 10 exciting gay places to visit.  So what does a gay backpacker needs to do … what else but bring a cup of bravery and a pinch of guts all tucked in my back pocket.

I reached my destination and yes I am amazed on how huge the place is.  It was Wednesday night and they charge 230baht.  You need to pay for it before you could enter and they gave you the keys for your locker.  No membership or whatsoever, not unlike here in the Philippines.

I was astonished with the vast area of the locker room.  I even had the hard time finding my own locker.  I even asked for assistance (silly old me).  The locker holds a hanger for your clothes, two huge towels (I guess, this is intentional for foreigners who are larger than the average Asian), plus a condom and a lubricant. Well, here in the Philippines, they would lend you one towel and a set of slippers. As I stripped down (leaving only my underwear), I went ahead and go through  a pathway which leads to a room pf ‘earthly desires’ (I think I read this at the upper portion of the entrance literally written to give patrons an idea what lies ahead of them).

From local Thai’s to other colors frolics the floor.  Its like a male beauty pageant – finals night that each patrons represent a country – Brazil, France, India, USA, China, Korea and of course the Philippines.

In bare foot, I peeked on each rooms and it is equipped with tissue and a tiny trash bag.  Each room is clean minus the awful smell plus the floors are fully air-conditioned.  I bet I just felt my nipples all sprung out due to the cold breeze it’s brings. (brrr)

It does not have a viewing room wherein they show ‘indie’films but rather they have better idea.  There is a small ile in the middle of the floor that you may enter.  It’s rather dark when you get inside.  Then you would notice a little hole that you may peek.  You may think that it may have been an inside look on one of those rooms.  But what you may see is just small TV which plays M2M nonstop.  Nice idea….

The first space leads to another.  The vast area is littered with small rooms that you may choose from as you wish.  The rooms will finally lead to posh swimming pool and well equipped bar.  All you need to do is just point the drink you little heart desire.  The main post that holds the walls of the bathhouse together has gigantic sculptures of well buffed men.  Much like the ‘Parthenon of Greece’.  The shower room is also larger than what I had expected.  I think there were more than 20 shower heads and have a body shampoo that you could freely use.  Plus, there are two shower heads right before the entrance if in case you want to refresh before you cruise.

I f you’re asking if I got lucky… a staggering NO for an answer. I act like a tourist rather than a patron inside Babylon trying to look at each nook and cranny. I guess I took a bath 5 times on 5 different shower heads just to use the body shampoo they offer.  I even met 2 Pinoys while sitting on one of the benches.  My feet are killing me because of the endless walking and they are conveniently sitting at the other corner.  I call them Mr. Makati and Mr. QC as I did forget their names to begin with hahahahaha.

The men are delectable by their own beauty and each guy may have been a personal choice of another person.  One friendly advice though, never kneel to undressed penis and always uses condoms. If you have to use two condoms at once, then by all means, use BOTH.

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