the most heart breaking text messages i have read… (series 5)


Too many LIES can weaken one’s trust…

Too much BETRAYALS can cause a person to be afraid

And the sad truth is …

Too much PAIN felt by a loving heart can cause it to freeze


Till it goes numb by the never ending pain,

Until it doesnt feel any love… anymore(Sad but true)



To love someone doesn’t mean to commit with that person.

Sometimes you just have to be satisfied with whatever connection you have with that special one.

Isn’t it sad when you are so much in love right now, but you cant freely let it out?

And your so damn scared to show it to all cause of one reason?  ITS COMPLICATED




Are we really hurt because we can’t tell the person we love what we really feel? Or are we hurt because at the back of our minds we know that telling the object of our affection what we really feel wont make any difference



People must try to be sensitive…

cause not everyone is strong enough to endure pain.

After all there’s no anesthesia for a broken heart



What makes us a FOOL??? When it hurt us to the core seeing the one you love with somebody else, but still, you keep on staring.



UNCERTIANITY is the biggest torture in love.

You feel jealous yet you cant complain. You can get hurt yet you cant show it. You can love with your all yet you cant say it. All you can do is watch, keep the pain, enjoy, the smiles, hugs and kisses then show how much that person means to you


The love you cant have….

Last’s the longest

Feels the strongest

And hurts the MOST.



Akala mo hindi ka niya mahal dahil mas pinili nyang maging magkaibigan na lang kayo….

pero ang hindi mo alam… higit ka niyang mahal dahil pinili niya kung saan kayo mas magtatagal

(this message really makes me cry…why cant we be more than friends – AJ)



In this world, it’s hard to tell who’s true and who’s not

People may be good at the beginning and be cruel in the end;

If your too trusting, they’ll take advantage of you;

if they know your weak, they’ll hurt you and suck the blood our from your veins;

after loving them, they’ll leave you behind… gasping for air.

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