im having hot flashes for MARCO DAPPER

MARCO DAPPER – former UPS driver may not have any idea as the ‘hottest men on the face of the earth’ until he landed his first acting job in the gay flick   Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds. Much to his surprise, he developed a huge fan base from that experience, which is apparent as he travelled the country promoting the release of the film on DVD (he appears in the cover art).  Much like local actor Marco Morales who debut on a gay film by Joel LamanganWalang Kawala (No Way Out)’

Marco confesses that he had a slight fear amongst gay men from one of his interview. “I guess you could call me a homophobe back then,”

“I was the kinda guy who if a gay guy came and talked to me I’d be like, ‘What is he doing? Is he hitting on me?’ It was fear of the unknown. This movie was like a whole 180. I just realized, ‘Not all of them are hitting on me.  Now my whole perspective is just totally changed. I’m more easy-going now. It’s the kind of thing where I think most guys like me need to go through something like that where there’s a bunch of people, a crew, and you can talk to them and hear stories and you realize…we’re not really that different. It’s an experience every guy, especially if you don’t have any homosexual friends, should go through.”

AMEN! At this point, Dapper has been featured on the cover of the magazine Men’s Health 8 times. He appeared on several TV series including Dirty Sexy Money and Veronica Mars.  He was cast as Dario Franco in the feature film Redefining Normal (2008) and were asked numerous time to pose nude for PLAYGIRL but softly rejected each proposal.

well, we may not see him pose nude for now but at least we may drool on his sexy pictures. Enjoy!

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