my confession (part 3)

One text message received. Alas, the text message I have been waiting for days.

‘Hey… here’s my number …’

Fuck me… he really did texted back. I thought my heart will immediately burst out of excitement.  I just don’t know what to respond and up until this time while I’m writing this post… I don’t know what I have texted back.

What I do remember is the feeling. My heart beats faster.  I think my face were red and warm. I was jumping up and down.  I just cant help it.

Several text were sent back and forth.  Trying to make these nerves at ease since I’m too excited to respond.  I go ga-ga on each text messages.  How ga-ga I am… I stared at my mobile for several minutes waiting for each responses like a teenager waiting for his boyfriends text messages. I just have to quickly respond on each messages and thinking other things to fill in the conversation so I would know him better.  I gushed on every messages as if my feet are lifted off the ground while maintaining my composure without him knowing how much I long for each text messages.

One text struck the most … asking if I knew Haze and Hope?

Two of my fabulous and divine friends in the floor whose beauty surpasses any lads without exerting any effort.

I obliged and responded.  Admit that these fine ladies are my friends.

He then asked for their number?

I stood in silence…. Do I need to give their numbers?  Though I know their digits well hidden in my mobile – I opted not to give it since I firmly believe that phone numbers are somehow private and should not be given to anyone without utter permission  to its owner.  The agony of a cat fight and cat scrathes from these feline friends are some scenarios that spins in this tiny head.  I could recover from agony and the bleeding but it will kill me if ill loose their trust over a phone number.

So I opted to say that ‘I don’t know their phone numbers.’  Yup I lied to my teeth but I stick with what I know.

I told my friends on what happened and they are disgusted.  What a reaction… im still oblivious onto why they have such violent reaction. Im still on cloud 9 but I guess they may have heard something that is obviously unacceptable.  I didn’t knew why until my friend Raven spills reality up in front of my face.  ‘Anu ka ba naman bakla… ginagawa ka niyang phone book.  Magising ka sa katotohanan at huwag kang mangarap…  its hard to chase rainbows.  Baka magkakalyo ka.’

‘But I like him…’

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