7 tips on how to stay young

I know… we all searched for the fountain of youth especially if your hitting 30++ years.  That’s why we are all jazzed up with age defying creams available commercially just to hold that sagging skins on the right place.  I have 7 tips to keep that youthful glow which i feel effective.  i may not be the best example but what i can boast … i look my early 20’s though i’m at my early 30’s….yeeehaaaaa!!!!  Plus, its the tips i laid on this post are all common sense and does not worth any penny.

I just hoped that you would find it useful like i do…

  1. throw out nonessential numbers,  this includes age, weight and height (include throwing out your watch. your watch has number as well and i read somewhere that it is your primary source of stress as you try to catch every minute of it.)
  2. keep learning. Never let your brain idle. An idle mind is the devils workshop. enjoy the simple things
  3. laugh often, long and loud until you gasp for breath.  Life is too short.  don’t be ashamed if you cackle and others are left clueless.  Enjoy the moment and laugh out loud till your knees dropped.  Just make sure that you laugh at something funny and not on someones misery.
  4. the tears happen. Endure, grieve and move on.  Crying is therapy and it does unburden some excess baggage you were carrying for such a long time.  Remember that if you keep those ill feelings, it would just capitalized within and in some way or another, it would come out in an ugly way i.e. wrinkles, pimples etc.
  5. surround yourself with what you love, whether it is family, pets, keepsakes, music, plants, hobbies, sex mate, fuck buddy.. whatever
  6. cherish your health
  7. smile and enjoy life

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