i joined the 2010 WHITE PRIDE which was held last June 26.  Ive been waiting for this event every year kasi parang Christmas day ito ng pink community.  isang tradition that me and friend – Raven attends. I believe ang official gay pride ng Philippines is somehow held in December but im not really sure kasi …most often than not, di ako nakaka-attend dahil each time na nalalaman ko ay tapos na siya.

Its something to do with the lack of information. i just hoped that LadLad will consider gays who blogs a lot (like yours truly) as their means to ‘spread the word’.  Anyway its for FREE and they could always email me for the specifics and im more than happy to lend a hand.

As for white party, it has always been a gala event of Malate kaya hindi mahirap tandaan plus it coincides the worldwide gay festivity. Halos sabay yan sa US and Canadian Gay Pride kaya it’s not hard for them to promote.

But sad to say,  im not really happy with this years event. Though they cooked up a street party and a program for everyone (i salute the guys, gals, gays and lesbians who created such feast since its undeniably a commercial success as sponsors and celebrities joined the festivity), i was a bit saddening when you find yourself a bit disoriented because of the chaos that surrounds you.

Some of my friends did’nt knew that there was a street party kaya they opted to stay at home not knowing that there is a street party.  Of course not everyone can afford a Php 400.00 entrance fee. They would rather keep it for themselves and buy food.  At least sa Php 50 fee that they charge right before you enter Nakpil, worth it na yung tugtugan and programs.  Plus, ang beers are ranging from Php 75 to Php 45.  Its fine if they overcharge a bottle of beer since minsan nga lang ito pero i hope that they have one price range for everyone para you were not left that you were robbed by one establishment.

Nagsisi nga ako dahil pumasok pa ako sa isa sa mga bar and found out that the show were already finished.  Sana di na lang ako pumila and just stayed outside.  Sayang yung entrance fee…

anyhow, lessons learned.  I just hoped that next time, the organizers would have the full details to be passed on sa lahat.  I mean sayang ang event na ganitong kaganda kung hindi naman natin ma-unite ang lahat.  it totally defeats the purpose pero i still congratulate the group behind this years pride for a job well done. Mahirap makakuha ng support from companies and seeing Frenzy condoms, joel cruz fragrance line and EZ lubricants supporting the event… it gives us a full spectrum that the gay community is commercially viable market as well….

7 thoughts on “WHITE PRIDE 2010

  1. Are you going at this year’s WHITE PARTY? June 25, 2011.
    GRABE LANG. Tuloy ba ‘yon with this weather?

    Nasa BED daw ang ilang cast ng “Temptation Island”.

    1. hey Toni,

      i just saw their post over facebook and it seems 3 of the temptation cast were at BED kaya lang this is a late notice so i didnt knew na tapos na rin ang WHITE PRIDE…kung nalaman ko lang before… i should have alotted a schedule… gosh

  2. Hi,
    My name is Alv, from Brunei.
    I was wondering whether you know any gay event this coming 22nd to 27th of Dec. I will be travelling to the phil then. It is saddening to learn that Bed is close. Looks like there is no where else to go.
    BTW great blog. Very informative. It is not easy to navigate for gay event info in the Phil. It is usually outdated.
    Thank you.

    1. hello alv,

      thank you for dropping by my blog. i love reading feedback from readers … it makes me wonder sometimes kasi kung may nagbabasa ng mga sinusulat ko or they are just here to have a feast and drool over sa mga hunks na featured ko.

      for december… i bet gay pride is around that corner and its december…maraming mga events na nagkalat.

      ill make sure na mag feature ng mga events starting next month.

    1. oo nga maccalister…sayang talaga. in all fairness naman sa akin, i tried to look for information sa net nang parating palang yung event kaya nga lang napaka-kaunti ng info about the info. kaya ang alam ko lang yung event sa BED… sayang, i should have brought my friends ng gabing yun eh sanrekwa rin kami…. it should have been a fun night sana!!!

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