I created this blog way back in July 27, 2008 when i pack my bags from and created a new one.  Since then, with 385,959 views and still counting, life has been different.

So let me share the list of HUNKS i have featured since from the start that has been the favorite of my avid readers:

1. ANTON BERNARDO sweeps the top spot for TOP TEN HUNK 2010 LIST of all time.  Two of his features where art thou?: ANTON BERNARDO aka‘Mr.8 Pulgada’ garners 8865 views while ANTON BERNARDO in bed garners 5,717 ejaculated views that may have produced millions of sperms while viewing this post –  a total of 14, 582 views.  Both post were first seen last October 28, 2008

2. JOSH IVAN MORALES: the star of my wet, wet dreams (tee hee) first posted last November 28, 2008 and garners 12,599 views.  A single post that beats the rest of the guys – he reaches the # 4 spot in 2008 whilst # 3 in 2009 TOP 10 HUNKS LIST.  at this point, Morales has created several indie films including Joel Lamangan’s Heavenly Touch.  Truly, he is one hunk every gay desires!

3. RAFAEL ROSELL may have been your average poster boy but for gays and girls who loves this blog – HE IS ONE HELL OF A SEX GOD.  Who would ever forget those well kept muscles,  flawless skin and a face to die for.  No one will and i bet my ass, everyone will fall to his knees once he dropped those trousers.  His RAFAEL ROSELL… ohhh one HOT hunk in briefs! garners 6376 views while Rafael Rosell… no underwear policy? reaches 6002 views – a grand total of 13, 378 views.  Both features were first seen August 28, 2008

4.take a shower with Reichen Lehmkuhl may have been the first shower scene i have ever featured in my blog and true enough, this post single handedly created an online demand from my avid readers.  So dont miss Bernardo Velasco’s shower scene which you may also like.  Lehmkuhl’s shower galore were first posted last  October 5, 2008 and since then he has snagged the top post every day and the #4 spot last year.  With 12,449 views… he maintains the same ‘glory’.


5. WILL SANDEJAS: Laguna’s tempting delight makes it to rank #5  (by the time i wrote this post, it has 9354 views and still counting, this feature were first read last Nov 13, 2008.  But i got a message from the former model/actor as he wants his pictures and posts to be brought down for personal reasons.  As of today Feb 10, 2014… i edited the post i wrote about him in courtesy of his message and he wants he to do at this point.) 


the rest of the hunks who bested the rest are:

6.where art thou? HAROLD PINEDA – ‘The Telag King’ with 8627 views.  an early favorite amongst avid readers while your blogger is mystified of his whereabout’s. First seen last August 8, 2008

7.  the controversial PAOLO SERRANO boasting with 5320 views. First seen last May 11, 2009

8. My heart stops beating and some of my readers when they first gazed this post by ROB DUAT (ROB DUAT’s bubble butt ).  In all its glory, with 4550 views, some of my readers may have suffered with sudden heart attack.  First seen last September 26, 2009

9. where art thou? KEN ESCUDERO’s ‘BOLD’ move garners 4019 views. one of my readers who hides behind ‘a nickname ‘XY’; Escudero now works on a shipping company.  Wishing him all the best with this new endeavor. His post were first seen last November 12, 2008.

10. Survivor JC Tiuseco fans celebrates as he grabs the last spot with 4009 views.  his JC Tiuseco: basketball heartthrob which i posted last December 1, 2008 has been graced by his adoring fans (me included) and leaving sizzling messages for their idol.  Im contented by just seeing his 6 pack abs that up until now, too envious to describe how i feel.  GOD, i hope i have those abs!!!

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