a measure of TRUE BEAUTY

im simply addicted with another reality show off from US shore ‘TRUE BEAUTY”.

They picked a bunch of aesthetically superior individuals, placed them on a huge house and eat challenges for breakfast.  Needless to say, 3 judges spied on them, tested their personality and how they interact with each other.

At first, im adamant on watching the show but i cant help but wonder how the whole season will work after all.  So, i gave a run though …

Its just amazing that this good looking guys and gals has the right tool to make it BIG but they lack the personality and right attitude to back up the ‘face’.

They are good looking but DAMN…. they are evil, superficial and untalented. ‘Sobrang sama ng mga ugali nila. Grabe! As in napaka self-centered and selfish.  Puro pagpapaganda ang alam pero walang alam ang kukote.  Kaya Minsan sobrang gusto natin maganda and gwapo bilang BF or GF pero once makilala natin sila eh sobrang boring.  Kaya mas maganda na lang na i-fast forward and got to bed immediately.  Afterwhich, dump them and delete their digits in your cell.”

Anyhow, they picked a winner – former Teen Beauty Queen Julia Anderson.  I thought she will win and she did.  Below are some of his pictures to remind us of the show

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