i did not spend my holy week under the tuscan sun nor enjoy my free time walkin in the park.  i did not spend my waking hours sulking over a dozen of beer nor did i feast to a basket full of goodies.

But i spend my Black Saturday watchin re-runs of BABAENG HAMPAS LUPA.

Directed by the one and only JOYCE BERNAL and ERIC QUIZON, comes the saga of two iconic families namely ‘The Wong and See Family’ as they outwit each other and tear each others life around.  (Yup … you read it right… the family name is spelled out as ‘See’ and not your average Chinese ‘i-know-what-is-spelled’.  It somehow reminded us the Fil-Chinese Tycoon who owns the biggest chunk of commercial lands – Mr Henry Sy.)

I’ve never been addicted to any dramatic soap opera since Cebu and Davao.  I felt that Filipino soaps are cheap dramatic effort of each TV networks to stab our emotional strings ergo become a money making machine that delivers ‘so and so’ acting from starlets in showbiz kingdom.  Kaya nga na hook-up tayo sa mga Korean drama series kasi they have sensible storylines and sobrang galing ng arte.  Hindi pa cute-cute lang and they dont rely on their charm and popularity.

BABAENG HAMPASLUPA has the right chemistry of good actors and actress honed by time which includes Susan Roces, Eddie Garcia, Eric Quizon, Bing Loyzaga, Alice Dixon etc.

The storyline is somehow the same from average melodramatic formula which Filipinos often like.  Dalawang angkan na nagbabangayan sa isat isa hanggang maubos yung kalaban.  More of the ‘Romeo and Juliet’ formula as it convey love between two souls with great hindrance right between their legs.   But this type of stories wont be successful if the actors in the story dont know how to act it right.  And its near its end ..gawd!


San ka ba naman makakahanap ng mga linyang:

‘san po ba tayo madame See?’

‘sa purgatoryo, may sasagiping kaluluwa’



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