HUNK-IN-THE-MAKING: Prince Stefan’s ‘BOLD’ move

Stephan Andrei Anlocotan or known thru his screen name Prince  Stefan snagged 2007  First Prince for a local celebrity search aptly titled ‘Starstruck’.  A Fil-Arabian actor born in the 13th of February 1986 has stirred local media with its ‘sixxxling’ pictures scattered all over the web.  

His pa-cute days are over and dawn a hunk-in-the-making actor who is much-ready for matured roles.  WOW!

Siyempre, kaakibat na yata ng ganitong daring pictures ang mga gay rumors na minsan ay out of context na rin.  I dont know who stands as his PR man but the pictures alone are a great move to stir up the fantasy of local audience on both side of the pendulum – girls and pa-girls (me included tee hee).  Para mapagusapan ang nanamlay na career. He got a great answer to boot without discriminating the pink community.

What does he responds when people questions his masculinity?  “Hindi yun totoo!  Well, ah, there was a time na parang lagi kong nadidinig, ang dami kong nababasa. Well, hindi kasi lahat ng tao magugustuhan ka, e, you can’t please everybody. I-let go mo na lang. Siyempre for a while, mahe-hurt ka. Well part yun ng trabaho mo, e.”  Good job!  At least, now he knows that this is just a part of his job that he should foresee.  

What does he feel about gays and whole pink community? “Kasi may pinsan akong bading, may mga relatives akong ganun, na pag lumalabas kami nata-tabloid agad or nakikita ako with my friends or ganito.  Feeling ko, hindi dapat masamain na pag bading hindi maging kaibigan kasi tao rin sila, e.”  Biglang pumalakpak ang mga imaginary gay friends ko na pumuno ng Araneta with bought their own tickets habang dahan dahang tumatayo in slow motion and hinahagis ang mga pink confetti.  Ang mga tili ay umaalingawngaw at ang self-made banners ay pilit winawagayway.

Dahil dyan, i would like to present some of his pictures i found in the web for my dedicated bloggers.  Let us all drool over and support a guy who is comfortable with his own sexuality!!!  Let us support Prince para sa kanyang buong tapang na pahayag at pagbabagong bihis!!!!


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