Video review: Campus Crush


i just watched a whole indie gay film over the tube.  CAMPUS CRUSH –  its  about an all-boys school that delivers a gay guys journey to gay-hood.  Most likely, its your average glee-esque out take of Kurt Hummel and David Karofsky.  But this time, its the WORST version.

I’m not saying that the indie film is any good – it’s NO GOOD AT ALL so don’t you ever buy it in DVD.  Actually, i vomited a few times due to bad acting.  I cant describe how horrified i am and squeal each time they deliver their lines.  I think its like pulling teeth … hard and painful.  But anyway i do support the “arts and the gay community” so i opted to finish it anyway.  I don’t agree on some scenes and how they placed a spotlight in gay’s life.  Though, bits and pieces are likely true but most of the plot were exaggerated and completely far from the truth.

I do regret the fact that they tried to highlight the gay community as “sex-starved money-centered” people who thinks about sex almost every minute.  Its NOT how we roll… we also have lives to tend and bills to pay so we cannot just give out i-phone everyday like a piece of candy.  Come on… the film is shot entirely in P.U.P.  The building are torn and the C.R. are freakin awful.  I hope they opted for a better location but i guess due to budget constraint – that will do.  If they want an all boys school with a pool, why dont they shoot it on several locations instead.  I bet these guys don’t know how to use an I-phone nor own one.  I dont even have one but ‘damn it’… i saved my pesos for a samsung galaxy for several months before i opted to rush and buy it.

But i do give ‘two snaps’ to the writers.  Bongga yung eksena kung saan pinakita ng flamboyant gay character (the name i forgot) yung pictures niya habang nasa isang meeting gay club.  Pinakita niya yung picture niya with the guy whom his best friend is dating with – shocking (somehow) dahil it was him and that guy in a party while canoodling with each other.  Horrifying truth!

Its not that it happened to me since my bestfriend from time in memorial may have tried to pull a rag underneath me but how those lines may have struck a string or two.  Ang kaibigan, you accept him no matter what … pokpok man siya oh isa sa pinaka-moody na tao sa mundo.  You accept him no matter what and you fight for him until you can.

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