Taylor Kitsch should say SORRY!


Yup, Hollywood actor Taylor Kitsch should say SORRY to Filipinos as he allegedly described an airport customs officer threatened to send him back to Japan, his port of origin, because he had run out of pages in his passport.  Not a simple Sorry using his press manager or his website but right on TV… maybe he could use the Letteman Show to say his piece.

The story of the alleged bribe emerged when “Late Show” host David Letterman asked the “Friday Night Lights” TV star about his recent shoot for the Oliver Stone film “Savages”.  Letterman mentioned the Philippines when he talked about the shoot — but Kitsch failed to correct him and say that the filming took place in Indonesia.

According to the reports of YAHOO NEWS! – Denny Indrayana, Indonesian deputy minister for justice and human rights, confirmed to Detik.com news portal that “theIndonesian official who allegedly bribed Taylor Kitsch has been identified and we are now in the process of interrogating him.

“He will be sanctioned if he is found guilty of asking for a bribe.”

The 30-year-old Canadian-born actor arrived at Bali island’s Ngurah Rai airport on February 1, as scheduled, to shoot a film in the neighbouring West Nusa Tenggara province.

Kitsch said he was finally allowed in after proving he was an actor by showing the officer on his iPhone the trailer for his recently completed film “John Carter,” in which he plays a Civil War veteran transplanted to Mars.

“I said ‘I can show you something to prove (that I’m an actor)’ and then I’m looking on my iPhone because their computers weren’t working, and he is like ‘Hey, can you get me one of those’…,” Kitsch told Letterman.

Based on GMA NEWS website “A quick probe by Customs Commissioner Ruffy Biazon revealed that there was no record of Kitsch entering the Philippines.”

How can Taylor let this slip away without correcting himself… Can anyone bring Taylor a world map and point the direction of Philippines vs. Indonesia?  Does he know where he was at that time…come on!  Theres a huge difference between the two countries aside from its spelling, if he can actually read.  Oh yeah…he is an actor nonetheless, he can read scripts!  Then why cant he distinguish the two countries?  Are you on drugs… Or better yet, why dont we ask David Letterman. Is this due to old age?

Hey Taylor… remember Claire Danes!  Where is she right now… i hope she got a career….


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