i finally a bought a new PC after almost one year of “dilly-dally”.  Now, what should i do with my new found powers from cyberspace? (moments of silence…)


Well, its time i get a lovelife but I’m still mending a broken heart (up until now…) and i cant help but wonder if ill ever fall in low again.  Maybe i can run the country and put a stop on the prevailing population explosion in the country but then again, we cant even move forward from RH bill and the CBCP’s undying protest.  Wish they have 10 kids and earning minimum wage.  I just hope that they too needs to change diapers, worry about the next meal , pay taxes and yes… fight over a silly remote control.  Or better yet, post my selfie pictures on the internet and various blogs.  That’s one way of making myself ‘famous’.  But then again, i’m too lazy to post for one and this face … yuck!  A face that only a mother could love (love you Ma!)


But then again, i do have a blog.  You’ve been reading and visiting this blog for quite some time and i do have a responsibility with my online friends and spammers.  So just to mark this momentous event… here’s a penny for my thoughts!

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