I’m over Akihiro Sato!!  Just like how he left us high & dry …  But boy i found a new one.  Meet Brazilian model Bernardo Velasco!  

He graduated at UFRJ (Rio de Janeiro Federal University). He finished Physical Education which is highly evident with his luscious body.   He loves to listen on all kinds of music though he confesses that he is not much of a dancer.  Well with a body like that, dancing wont be the  priority.  At first i thought that he follows a certain diet to maintain his GOD-like physique – but he doesn’t.   “I eat everything and truly, I love pasta and all the carbs in general!  For breakfast, he eats mostly bread with cheese and turkey breast, plus a chocolate milk.”

What also makes him gorgeous is not just his outside features.  Just check out some excerpts form his interview by the pony rider:

PONY RYDER: How about places to go out and have fun?

BERNARDO VELASCO: I don’t care much about the places.

The most important thing is WHO is going with me. Any place with good company.

PONY RYDER: Name 3 things that can seduce you?

BERNARDO VELASCO: The most important things in someone are friendship, fidelity and respect. It all matters!

PONY RYDER: Bernardo, when you imagine your dream home… what does it look like?

BERNARDO VELASCO: I don’t care much for luxury, but it needs to be close to the beach!

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