GMA7’s ‘My Husbands Lover’ sets the mark

I simply can’t get enough!!!

The newest gay-themed soap opera in the Philippines from GMA7 has been slamming network rating war against its biggest rival ABS CBN.    The rival network has mastered heavy drama soaps which tickles love fantasy between the rich and poor while GMA7 may have engineered the fantaserye and korea-novela phenomenon that up until this time has been emulated by other networks but has never surpassed.  GMA7 also had suffered long-time lull from the rating game since its core creative team and its artist were ‘pirated’ by two giant networks – namely ABS CBN and TV5.  Though the latter network may have spent millions from their current talents, but it failed to bring in the much needed ratings and advertisement pull.   No one thought that GMA7 has the guts to produce such show with its family-oriented theme that is evident in every soap they created.


Tagged by GMA7’s marketing and publicity department “Ang pinakamapangahas na teleserye ng taon”.  True to its by-line, the soap stirred local aficionados curiosity and rocks CBCP’s sensibility to the topic.  There was a time that I thought that it won’t even last for a month as the church demanded its pull-out from the mainstream media.  The local governing agency MTRCB has been democratic enough to hear both sides of the story.  The soap has been in ‘hot-seat’ since its inception cutting scenes after scenes which they viewed to be ‘indiscreet’.

But after a month of airing and thousands of tweets from its fans, the soap emerges triumphant.  Its three main actors: Carla Abellana, Tom Rodriguez and Dennis Trillo found new fame with this new dramatic vehicle.  Raves and reviews from fans and critics flooded the cyber world.  Its supporting cast led by Glydel Mercado, Kuh Ledesma, Chanda Romero, Roi Vinzon, Karel Marquez, Kevin Santos, Victor Basa and the list goes on were also added to the mix. Truly an inspiring masterpiece from Direk  Dominic Zapata and head writer Suzette Doctolero.  Not to mention a string a creative writers including Marlon Miguel, Geng Delgado, Jason Lim, Jonathan Cruz and Michelle Amog.  Splendid cinematography by Roman Theodossis.

I just hoped that this opus from GMA7 is the start of new and inspiring telenovelas and it reemergence from its long sleepover.  I just hope as well that the marketing team of GMA7 would somehow use this vehicle to create new and exciting products including music and merchandize.  I just don’t know what GMA record has been doing so far with such hug clamor over MHL’s mall show.  Why did they not come up with a compilation of sorts dedicated for MHL?  I know Carla Bellona is a non-singer but there are a lot of songs under their catalogue which are 100% owned by the recording company.   It may not be aired during the soaps telecast but at least recurring theme about love, letting and betrayal will be a great marketing tool.  Hooray to GMA films as they are already conceptualizing a film solely based to the three main characters of the soap.  I just hoped that they come up with the right idea while they are still airing MHL.  It may not be the same plot but the lobbying on the same theme.  Why not a HORROR / SUSPENSE THRILLER for Dennis, Tom and Carla?

Anyway I’m just happy for GMA7’s success as I have been a huge fan of the network.  May ebidensiya naman sa lahat ng post ko di ba….


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