boy crush over Mark Manicad

I was just updating my post regarding Cosmo Bachelor 2011 when i stumbled upon his manhood – and i instantly fell in love with him and his name is Mark Manicad.

Remember thy name and if ever ill leave this God forsaken world, id utter his name (along with a list of other guys whom i love ssoooooo dearly i.e. Tom Rodriguez, Dennis Trillo etc) Just wonder how long would my sister stand right before my death bed if ever.  

Baka bigla nyang sabihin “mahaba pa ba ang listahan? Kanina pa ako kuma-crayola ditech eh mas mahaba pa sa edsa yang mga pangalan nang lalaking crush mo. Mas maikli pa ang ‘ama namin’ dyan baks…”

“ateh naman …”

anyway, back to my new crush Mark Manicad, i tried to look for more info about him but i guess the cyberspace may have limited knowledge about him. As far as i understand based on his FB account, he does modelling for a living.

 I think he used to be a catalogue model for M&CO

i guess this is a mister donut ad.  I also believe he is included on a TVC for Sun Cellular

But i do love the blog post of Vinvinjacla “The Gay Life of Vinvin” (link found below under related articles) and when he finally met Mark.  I think he also joined Mossimo Bikini Competition before but i dont know from what year.  Anyhow, his Cosmo Bachelor appearance were controversial as ever when he paraded the catwalk with no underwear … proof … just scroll down

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