reintroducing Rodjun Cruz

Rayver Cruz brother – Rodjun Cruz who was a former member of the now defunct all-male dancing group Anim-E has joined the cast of “My Husband Lover” who plays as the love interest of  Eric played by Dennis Trillo.   I thought at first, he is a newbie from show business but then again after finding his bio in the ever-reliable “wikipedia”, i just found out that his roots came from ABS CBN.  “In 2006, He was cast as Jigo in the ABS-CBN TV series Calla Lily.  After a year, Cruz along with 14 other celebrity contestants joined the second season of U Can Dance Version 2, where he met and started dating fellow Star Magic talent Dianne Medina.”   With his dancing partner Lina Basas were named Grand Champion of U Can Dance Version 2.  He made a guest appearance in the “Mambabarang” episode of Komiks Presents: Pedro Penduko at ang mga Engkantao in the same year and in 2008, Rodjun Cruz was cast as Jake Perez in the teen drama Lipgloss.   He left Lipgloss after three seasons in 2009 and minor roles in Tayong Dalawa and May Bukas Pa.  Plus some guest appearances in Maynila and Midnight DJ.  “He played Calvin in Magkaribal in 2010 and portrayed Joaquin Buenaventura in Juanita Banana. The same year, he left ASAP XV and joined, the show’s rival, P.O.5 in TV5.

What i do love about him is his general physique.  I think Rayver and Rodjun needs to thank their lucky genes as both has gorgeous body that is ‘to-die-for’ as you can see on the picture below:

Since both of them are brothers, hindi na siguro maiiwasan ang ikumpara silang dalawa.  I can see why Rayver may have a successful start on his showbiz journey but the good thing is Rodjun left ABS ‘sana’ for good.  Kasi hindi nga maiaalis na parating ikumpara siya and to choose Rayver over him.  He is outshines his own brother.  Now he is trying to make a mark on the showbiz industry outside Kapamilya network and i just hoped that he uses MHL as a stepping stone for a better career.  I just read his bio and hindi rin naman pala patok masyado yung mga shows na napuntahan nya.  I think MHL is his biggest project to date.

For me, parang mis-matched sila ni Dennis Trillo for MHL.  Parang may kulang kasi.  I dont know, or baka ako lang yun thats why im not that going gaga over him.  I think there are other actors who can play better his character and far more good looking than him.  Pero bakit hindi nga natin siya bigyan ng chance… May potential naman si Rodjun sa general aesthetics.   These are just my two cents so just place your comments below if you have something to say.


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