19 year old Miguel Ortiz from Sevilla, Spain may have been too young for comfort but he is the current toast of Spain for Mr. Gay World 2013.  He may not have won the this years competition but i bet he won a lot of gay guys around the world with his disarming charms and a body ‘to-die-for’

With its true Mr. Gay World tradition, this young man writes: “I want to defend and vindicate the rights of LGBT people and I think this could be the best platform to be heard loud and clear. There are still many countries and even on my own where some citizens are still discriminated and insulted just because of the fact of being gay, lesbian, transgender, or bisexual and that is intolerable. I want to fight with all my strength and as a young man trying to contribute in the struggle against homophobia.  Although some people might think that being 19 years is synonymous of being immature, irresponsible, etc., it isn’t necessarily true. My age can help me to make aware younger gay community that the fact of being young and gay does not mean being immune to disease in their sexual life. It´s priority to make them know it is necessary to use protection in order to fight against HIV with all our energies.”  Bravo!!! Bravo!!!

With those eyes and supple lips, i guess … who can even resist!  So go on my dear readers … bite into the apple!


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