MASAKI KOH: The #legacy of a #pornstar

Who would ever forget Jeff Stryker? I bet for for people who loves porn – Jeff Stryker is the MOST POPULAR pornstar in the 80’s who left a mark among PLU community.  Seldom that i follow porn stars since i don’t even remember their names – most especially porn stars from Japan or Korea.  But one stand out – at first, i just gaze through the DVD cover and try to recognize his face first before i try to buy it.  Until i found out who he is –  MASAKI KOH.

He is an OUT & PROUD gay porn star with his long-time partner TIEN TIEN.  An advocate of LGBT agenda and never dismisses a fan mail.  If ever you watched his videos, i bet you will love him as well as he open up his world and he slides into your senses.  What i do like about him, nothing on his moves are scripted and everything are unadulterated.  I think that is what a porn star is – though it may have been a few minutes for release but you’ll never ever forget him – and you’ll never get tired of watching him over and over again.

Here are some of his images that would surely mark you senses.

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