#MyHusbandsLover: the final week

It is the final week for “My Husbands Lover”. And I bet the whole gay community are awaiting the conclusion of the great love triangle between Vincent, Lally and Eric.

Who would have thought that a gay-themed soap opera would finally see a day when it will be telecast on a Philippine television wherein Roman Catholic remains the primary religion in a local setting?  The country aside from Vatican has remained strong with its core family values and has yet to acknowledge divorce as a “law”.  Never in a million years that I would have imagined two guys as main character and lovely young lady as the third wheel.  So kudos to its writer/developer Suzette Doctolero and the master director himself Dominic Zapata who brings in to life the saga of three intertwined souls from the web of deceit, love, machismo, society and sexual orientation.

The soap wont be successful as it is without its stellar cast spearheaded by Ms Carla Abellana (as Lally), Dennis Trillo (as Eric) and the phenomenal star Tom Rodriguez (as Vincent) who found new success with its new network (GMA 7).

So again, congratulations to the makers of “My Husbands Lover”.

with Direk Dominic Zapata
the episode when Lally discovered her husbands lover. Truly heart breaking performance by Ms. Carla Abellana
Vincent imagined himself if he finally come OUT and what future may bring
truly successful: they even had a concert
followed and adored by millions

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