Pag #bading ang namatay… #AIDS agad ang dahilan. Grabe naman!!


I just received a terrible news.  A friend passed away recently. 

But the news that lingers that comes with his death is terrible.

The guy who passed away is gay

Nakakalungkot isipin na often, people judge people because of orientation and sexual preferences.  If a woman passed away and she was perceived na “party girl” when she was still living… people conclude that the manner of death may have been either liver cancer or any sexually transmitted disease. They would say na she was a bad daughter or worst… incompetent mother especially if she is a sole parent of 2 or 3 lovely kids. 

If a gay guy passed away, kahit na related sa heart or liver yung manner of death, people would say “namatay daw sa AIDS?”

Thats harsh!!!

What makes you think na if one chooses and accepts that he or she was gay by the time he is living that all we think about is SEX!?!  Shame on you! 

That we are like dogs who humps anyone and anywhere we wanted to. We may have joke a lot about these things but we are more than that. We are good sons and daughters.  Often a bread winner who takes good care of thy mother/father who heterosexuals left when they established their own family. Kami na nagpapaaral ng mga pamangkin, pinsan or inaanak dahil hindi nagamapanan ng mga totoo nilang magulang ang kanilang obligasyon.  Kami na mga bading na ang gusto lang naman ay matangap ng lahat at matutong mahalin ng wagas without looking on her bank accounts. Kami na mga bading na halos gawing araw ang gabi para lang magtrabaho para sa mga mahal namin sa buhay.

Nakakalungkot isipin na ganito ang tingin nyo sa amin.

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