Just because im #gay! #Judgemental society


More terrible news from a friend who passed away.

Earlier i found the cause of death. He died due to pneumonia which led to a series of complications.  I also found out that he resigned last February and therefore he is not eligible with the company insurance – a month before he passed away. But the medical benefits was placed in good use and he overutilized Intellicares services.  The remaining balance that he owe was due to the fact the he sold the iphone he won last Christmas which compensates the rest of his finances.

What really bothers me is how rumors roam around, pass from one mouth to another. Conclusions without basis.

Im a gay man and its sad to hear that your friends has too much to say without asking for more infomation.   The guy doesnt have AIDS… he died because of Pneumonia.  Period.

I wonder if i was the one who passed away? What would they think about me?  Would i be tongue slashed because of some unknown reason and link my tragic death to AIDS… just because im gay!

And what IF he really passed away due to AIDS.  He is just a victim of a random Russian roulette by a sad soul who wants to color the town RED with revenge.  It is not our duty to judge just because he had sex.  Anyone – straight or gay can be infected by the killer disease. It walks amongst us and there is no way to detect it.  We dont havr x-ray visions that only Clark Kent has!

Why dont we just celebrate his life?  Why dont we just talk about his fabulous life and how he struggled to get out from the closet! How strong and courageous he is in dealing with adversity.

Sad… so sad

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