#ijuanders episode about #fairies – giving me some #goosebumps


Stil watching Ijuander episode about fairies and gawd… i just cant help it – goosebumps all around me.

Local tell tales confirms several eerie stories that frolics some of our mountains such as Mount Makiling and Mount Makulot.  The episodes main goal is to try to break the legend and provide hard evidence.

I am a strong believer of fairies that is why though some of my friends gave some tempting offers to climb with them (including bringing a slab of male meat who would carry my bag and all) – i stand firm on my ground and say NO.

I mean, where are these stories coming from? Why do they have to create such scary stories if they have not experience it by themselves? There should be a logical explanation behind it which Ijuanders teams main goal.

But i can help but wonder – there are too many stories about it and a few good men could attest it.

Just saying… it might be true. And theres nothing wrong if ill believe on it.

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