Paolo Bediones – the newest #SexScandal king


Have you ever wondered what it is like to be on a scandal?

The new stars and phenomenal rise to fame of the recent victims of sex tapes has been clamoring attention in social media and has been shared numerous times by FB and Twitter generation.  Currently, news anchor for TV5 Paolo Bediones is the latest victim of the so-called video scandal as he is caught having sex with an unknown girl.  True enough, this has been the talk of the town as it spreads like wild fire amongst netizens.  Bediones, at this point kept his mouth shut and continue with his job.


Historically speaking, guys who are involved with video scandal has either stepped away from the limelight or vanished on thin air.  Case in point, Haydens career from bein a rising celebrity has fade away when Halili screams “foul”.  Both of their careers never flew off the gutter and since then has threaded a quieter life.

And each time, a video scandal will emerge, their names are included as point of reference. 

It might have been hard for Bediones in keeping a straight face to the public knowing that the next person he will interview is thinking about his “dick-zilla” hiding behind his pants and not the actual climate changes.  

But i dont pity them as they had created that video as they are well aware of its ill repurcussions once it landed to the wrong hands.  Knowing that they are celebrities by profession and this industry clamors for lewd shows.  I guess i could say … its their fault

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