#DennisTrillo… devilishly #delicious @ #Bench #TheNakedTruth


I cant help but adore him.

Great actor, a bit kooky at times, few bad relationships but over all down to earth kinda guy.

He knows his craft and he tried to improve in every character he portrays. This guy never rest.

But Dennis knew how to market himself.  He knew for a fact that his stardom is just temporary and his partnership with his manager is paying off.  He may not like the fact baring his body for everyone to see but he knew that its necessary.  To keep him fresh and exciting in front of his adoring fans. His latest love team with Tom Rodriguez has been sending shrieks and shrills to their lovely fans (including me).   Their chemistry is flawless. I think this is the best love team for now because no one in the local showbiz has it… ever.  The TomDen phenomenon still lives in our veins.  GMA were bangking on this phenomenon to keep both actor fresh and updated.  After “my husbands lover”,  they both have a follow up shows including “hiram na alaala” and “sa puso ni dok” for Dennis.  While Tom has “my destiny” and “dont lose the money” and a cameo role for “nino”.  Their album gone gold and a sold out concert here and abroad. I think GMA just have to work faster… we are still waiting for a movie for TomDen! 

Oh yeah… i got his pictures below and please have yourself check before you get a heart attack.



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