#TheNakedTruth about Dominique Roque


A new actor captures the heart of ladies and gay men nowadays.  I bet due to the fact that he starred in a sizzling telenovela called “man of desire”.  His name – DOMINIQUE ROQUE

I dont know much about him but i do follow him through his facebook account.  I guess based on his posting and status, this guy does not need to work since he came from a rich family.  To date he owns two mini cooper and more than 10 motorbikes.  I think his family own two McDonalds franchise and a gasoline station.  So i guess being a celebrity is more of a hobby instead of work. Because he does not really need to work.  Ohh men… why does other people has it all?

Desirable enough to land on my blog and a personality that i adore.  I could almost taste his down to earth persona and his compassion with his fans regardless of what he has… bravo bravo bravo.

His latest stint from Bench Underwear show “The Naked Truth” has caused some shrills and thrills amongst the gay community as he walked the catwalk with his mini black brief.  I posted some of the pictures i got from the web and i bet youll love every “inch” of him…. beware, it may cause mild stroke.  Scroll down at your own risk

(copyright to the original photographer)






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