#RedStilletoChronicle: the guy named mark

I no longer frolic massage parlors for quite some time now.   The last time i visited such was more than 4 years ago.  Some centers i do love like blue palm has close doors and i dont find current salons appealing anyway.  And i have this feeling of doubt that they will just get my hard-earned money without the “satisfactory” feeling.

So i go for masseur for hire instead.   There are a lot of websites who offer such including a site called “hub”.  But before i pick my mancandy, i tried to research about his attitude for work etc.   I used forumcentral.com for the legwork and thank you for its honest subscribers.  It really helps me a lot in picking the best among the bad apples. Nyahahaha.

Till i found Mark.  He is 20ish guy.  He doesnt do massage but he call himself “masseur”.  He is simply a boytoy pretending to be one. Hahahaha

Anyway, he do the sing & dance and it will only cost you Php1.5k.  Not bad… i say.

I met him in Sogo Trinoma.  Indeed he is young and slightly good looking.  Very shy at first but once he get relaxed – then words will fall out his mouth.  He does have an accent though but he is honest enough to admit that he came from the province.  During our ordeal, im not that quite satisfied since he badly needed a straight porn to begin with.  Its just like “how to teach a dragon to get hard”.  But i guess the rest of it does work fine – ill give this guy 6 out of 10. 

Will i hire him again… nope. Once is enoguh.  Anyway if you like to contact him – 09069394423



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