#RedStilletoChronicle: his name tho is Mhark… Not Mark, with an “H”

I’ve been in hiatus since I truly hired another masseur.  It seems that I was in a bit “no hunting” season lately granted I was too much involved with  the last masseur that I regularly hire (look on the word “involved” with an -Ed at the end, meaning past).   So I move forward hunting for a new guy who will fulfill my needs… Searching high and low, looking for the next “real-thing”… Nah, don’t get your hopes up dear, there is bound to be a turbulent journey for hunters like us.

So I flip the pages of my Facebook and the groups I’m soooo proud I belong, there is one guy recommended by the pink Barangay that seems to be right by my alley.  He seemed to be right for the picking as my web tingling sensation keeps me right to his direction.

His name is Mhark Valdez.

The negotiation is straight  forward… No fancy dramatic messages which I like.  I don’t haggle since I have this inert belief that anything below what they ask for may bite me in the ass.  I’m looking for something extraordinary that my previous tryst may have set so my haggling skills are kept at bay with this lad.  By the way, his rate is lower than SRP and based on his reviews and services, my clipboard has a lot of checks. So just you know, he quoted Php 1600.00 – all in.

Riding!!! Cruelly, book the next flight to happy land.

Punctuality 10/10 – it happened last Saturday night September 3 and initially I requested for a 9PM booking.  But I change it to 8PM since I’ll be at Trinoma at least around 745PM.  He agreed but I could sense he is not totally sold with the time.  So I just gave him till 815 to 830-ish call time.  “para Hindi naman Ako maghintay ng bonggang bonga sa kahihintay.  Panis na kipay ko, wala pa rin si otoko bells”.

During my text conversation, I will wait for him at Burger King but he was a bit hesitant saying he is not familiar with place.  So I give in on what he suggested to wait at the lobby of the motel. Siyempre nagpahaging na rin ako sabay sabing “baka many-Indian Ka at maghintay Ako sa wala…” May kaunting hugot kong tugon sa kanya.  He responded back politely saying that he is not the type of guy who does such things.  Nagsisigurado Lang naman teh!!!

He arrived around 830.

LOOKS 9/10 – what you see is what you get.  Siyang siya yung makikita mo sa FB at sa personal.  Kasing katangkaran ko rin siya pero mas mataas siya ng konti sa akin granted na 5’5″ ako.  Makinis at maputi siya in person.  He is wearing yellow ochre shirt by that time so I could see his biceps from the thin fabric.  There is slightness with truelygen when he said that before he used to go to the gym.  A lot of gym bunnies who stop has this type physique na parang nahubog dati tapos napabayaan.  Ang Hirap Kasing idesctibe pero may ganun siyang dating.  Hindi Ka na magsusungka sa washboard abs Nya dahil napalitan na yun ng isang malaking mamon.. Hahaha!

HYGIENE 9/10 – walang Amoy. Pati hininga… Aprubado nang DTI at Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas!!

MASSAGE 11/10- sobrang galing… I’m soooo happy with his massage skills.  I’m a frequent  spa and massage user so my tolerance level is a bit high enough from others who doesn’t.  My body frame is a tiny wee small but I can handle “hard” strokes which I also prefer.  I’m not satisfied with limpy hand massage that’s why I often ask for male masseur because their grip is stronger than a woman. Yung lahat ng tinatago kong lamig sa likod, naalis nya.  Sobrang sarap habang nararamdaman mong dinudurog Nya ng unti unti.  To think that he does not have a proper training like Tesda but his hands are to die for.

ES 7/10 – the review are accurate.  He does sing and dance all the way to the finale and his tool is huge enough to knock on heavens door.  He is  indeed a grower which you may need to work on your blow job skills to reach the finale.  Don’t get me wrong, he is a great lover but almost everything is soooo technical.  perhaps I’m asking too much since my sex tolerance is a bit higher from what I expected… Or am I still clinging with my last tryst wherein he sets the standard for any future bookings?  I guess it’s how you approach the material and look at it differently.   If he could had just twisted and not the standard dog style all in 90 degrees, the sensation may have been different and the experience maybe awesome and tolerable.  Sometimes a huge dick is not the answer but how you use it.

PRICE – I paid Php 1600.00 just like what he quoted.  I don’t give extra sa first date para hindi mamihasa.  We ate a bit sa motel and nakadalawa Kaming round ng beer.  Total of 6 San Miguel bottles. So i guess sa mga accountant na patrons, this will add a bit from the rate.

REHIRE – Yes… But not for now.  Maybe someday pero Hindi yung uulit ulitin agad agad.

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