#RedShoeChronicle presents: A sort of an unfortunate event at #PinkParadise with Romnick

His name is Romnick.  Reminiscent of the 80’s heartthrob Romnick Sarmenta who gained popularity through a love team with Sheryl Cruz that popularized fantasy films from a local film outfit which includes dwarfs, magic and fairytales while singing “pa-tweetums nail biting cheeky melody” that even the scariest tattooed kanto boy will just simply utter “eeeeeeeeewwwwwww”.

“Mr. Dreamboy… Mr. Dreamboooooooy”

It was my first meet-up with the head mistress of a local FB group that aptly titled “fairies and fortress”.  Details on my succeeding post, it was one delightful evening comparing notes with some of the most eligible bachelors in the metro seeking the same adventure.  

Fast forward.

It’s time for me to pick my masseur.   It’s my first time sa Pink Paradise so hindi ko kabisado ang mga masseur. I have my eyes on a chinito fair skinned guy but he is sick by that time therefore he is off the market that evening.  Mga 10 to 15 ang mga otokong nakikita ko na parot parito waiting for their respective clients. Then all of a sudden, the 5 feet ish guy run in the middle of the room trying catch a friend. 

Woooop!  He is just wearing a pink Calvin Klein boxer brief that showcases most of his assets – his bubble butt.   I can’t help staring at those deliciously cheeky butt.  I just have to know his name.   “Mama Orly… Ano name Nya?” Pabulong kong tanong with devilish smile.


I swear, muntik na akong natawa sa harapan ng handler nya but i kept those malicious giggles to myself.  I kept a mental note of his name so when the time comes that I need to choose, his name will easily pop up.  Well, how would you forget a probinsyano nickname anyway.

Then came Ms. Fierce and two more members of Fairies and fortress.  “Siya si Jason and Daniel” pakilala ni Ms. fierce. 

Daniel quickly quipped “pare…” In a very manly voice then suddenly “ang Inang Mariposa” almost mimicking Dolphy’s potrayal of Markova. Laugh!

Small chat… Getting to know each other then comes the fun part of officially picking your masseur.  The boys are all lined-up In the “aquarium”.  Ms. Fierce and Jason had their reservations and I just have to pick mine.  I gazed through the glass, parang pumipili ng candy bar.  May super sweet, black chocolate, branded, local etc.  honestly, im not happy with the line-up granted that two of the good looking masseurs are reserved.  Though it was not a popular decision, I still pick Romnick.

Looks 7/10 – cutie pie naman si Romnick.  Pakatitigan mo lang ng matagal.   Ika nga sabi ng mga sosyal “his charms grows in you“.  Twinkish and not my usual type.  He has nice set of teeth and smiles a lot.

Attitude 7/10 – mabait, he giggles…a lot and  mahilig gumamit ng “po” at “opo” which will often reminds you of your age gap. Laugh!

Hygiene 10/10 – no foul odor.  

Massage 4/10. Pag sinabing spa, ang unang unang pumapasok sa brain cells ko ay “massage”.  So ito ang una Kong requirement if I visit a spa.   Romnick ask me to lay down so we can start the ordeal.  Then….


Tiningnan ko siya. He was waiting for me. #nganga

Medyo nagspark ang mga little vessels ko sa utak sabay tanong… “San mo ba gustong magsimula?”  Just to keep the ball rolling.  “Kayo po…

Pumitik na naman ang mga brain cells ko.  Usually kasi, if you go to a spa, may mga diskarte na kasi ang mga Massuer kung San sila magsisimula.  Ang tanging itatanong Lang nila na may kaunting lambing ay “hard o moderate po ba ser? Hard f*@k or karinyong ba bagong Kasal?

So I asked him to start with the legs since I’m feeling a bit tight on my lower calves due to several days of squatting then asked him to finish with my back but make sure to focus on the lower back since this has always been my weakness.

I ask for hard strokes granted my tolerance level for massage is a bit higher than anyone has expected granted I have small frame.  I won’t settle for moderate stroke as it does not entice me at all.  He did tried it but I guess his hands are not yet made out of such strokes.  His hands are a wee bit smaller from other masseurs I delt with.  But with my vast knowledge of massage and masseurs, regardless if barkada kayo ni Frodo Baggins, nasa diskarte yan pagdating sa masahe. Pero effort naman si kuya dahil siguro medyo nakita nyang nag-Amor Powers ang mga kilay ko.

Remember under attitude… I wrote down “he giggles…a lot”.  Well, that part kinda irritates me.  Read on.

Comes the linggam part… Parang sinusundot nya Lang yung betlog ko.  Then he giggles.   As if parang bata na he tries to poke one or two tapos biglang tatawa na parang kinikilig na nanloloko.  Anu akala Nya sa betlog ko…. Sawsaw suka, mahuli Taya!  Yung nararamdaman kong kaunting libog, parang nagevaporate.   This kinda irritates me but of course medyo pasweet pa rin ang tanong ko sa bata “bakit Ka natatawa?  May nakakatawa ba?

He stopped.  Siguro ramdam Nya na ngayon na si Maleficent pala ang minamasahe Nya.  Medyo nanhimik na Lang ako.

ES 8/10 – nagpaaalam muna siya para mag CR.  But I’m no longer expecting fireworks or ecstasy dahil medyo nana as na nga Ako.  So when he came back, he has the audacity to ask  “game na po ba…”

Dyusmiyo marya katilpo!

Anu ba nakuha ko… High school?!

Wala man lang kaunting paglalambing.  Puro “tee hee” ata ang narinig ko.

At this point, I just stared at him… Very subtle, halos pabulong when I endearly uttered “Ano pa nga ba dapat ang gawin mo?

Siguro ngayon medyo randam na ni kuya na medyo Inis na Ako.  Dito na siya bumawi.  Torrid kiss ba kamo…. Wow!  He becomes a man by that quick second.  Devouring my pinkish lips to his universe.  Sucking my entire galaxy with his playful tongue.  Ohhhhhhh!

It lasted for I don’t know how long.  I just kept my eyes close for a little longer than I expected.  Then when I opened my eyes, he was staring at me.  As if  I’m the only queen in the universe.

Tongue to tongue. Ohhhhhhhhh I can’t help it! 

Then he pulled out the condom and slowly pulled out the condom.  He slowly slip his manhood to my universe.  Slowly…passionately.  Gawd…. I think I heard Whitney sung her eponymous song “I’m every woman”.  Thrusting every inch. 

His juice spilled over me. Flowing through my skin. I can feel it’s warmth. Then soon enough I let go of my own. 

Pero wait…. Hindi Yata Ako nasubo ng Tama.  

Huli na nang malaman ko na it should be included on his menu.  I tried during the ordeal to point him on that direction but there is a bit of hesitation.  Eto pa naman ang favorite ko sa buffet

Damage –  I paid Mama Orly Php 1500.00.  That’s minimum.  I wast honking on giving him a tip pero I did not fully enjoyed my experience.  Sa Ibang masseur n Lang Ako babawi 

Will I hire him again?  Big NO.  Probably once the stars aligned and it’s a full moon….I may hire him for the ES part but he needs to improve his massage skills.  Otherwise, he will just be another guy whose main credibility is that piece of meat dangling between his legs.

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