#RedShoeChronicle: Xtraordinary Xian of #96Essensa

Word of the day… #surprised!

I have a few guys left on my list up for a review but I opt to create a review for this guy first. So lemme start by saying #LifeisFullofSurprises

It’s another essensa night for the Fortress group led by the one and only Ms. Fierce. But of course this night won’t be possible without the detailed planning of her majesty. So each fairies pick their bet and coordinated with the event POC which is Khaye of Essensa. I pick a guy named Zander. Nakita ko na siya ng una kong punta sa Essensa and quickly planned to pick him pagbalik namin after Louis and Jarred. So it was one week of day dreaming and fantasies while doodling his name to mine…. High school Lang ang peg. There were days na gusto mo n Lang matapos para makadaupang palad mo na ang man of your dreams. Of course can’t deny the fact na nag research rin ako on how he performs so I psyched myself on his weakness versus my expectations. Ganun ko siya pinaghandaan. 

Until the fateful evening come… wala siya!  


Khaye explained na may binili or sinundo Lang siya. So ok… smile Lang muna. Pa sweet muna… medyo kinakabahan. I have friends and willing to wait naman po…. Parang Kumain Ka Lang sa a howling ang peg. I’ll just enjoy the company of friends while waiting. 

Lumalalim na ang gabi… wala pa rin Zander. So follow up uli…  

Isa pang follow up dahil tapos na ang first batch ng mga fairies… sweet akong nag follow up. Wala pa ring hanapin…

Ava Maria santisima… anong oras na… Asan na??? I can almost hear myself sa kulit which I personally don’t like.

Khaye can’t give me a straight answer so she opted to suggest another guy named JOJO. 

I’m not totally sold to it… I need other head! 

Then I started to talk to Rey of essensa. He quickly responded and suggested Xian instead. Me as a picky customer, parang kilalang kilala na ako ni Mama Rey. Sabi nya “kanina pa kita na obserbahan and lahat ng mga nakuha mo sa mga Alaga ko. Kanina ng nagsuggest sila pero kita sa mukha mo na Hindi bet. Hindi ako mapapahiya Kay Xian bet…. The best yan” 

I was ready to retire and surrender that night. I was being pressured to pick a guy. Are these my choices? Gusto ko ng umuwi… papa can you see me? Papa can you hear me? I’m sooo ready to blurt a song of sorrow. 

Finally made a decision.. “sige mother, si Xian na lang po.” I can’t even pronounce his name right. Argghhhhh! 

 I was singing “body and soul” by Billie Holiday. I was counting each stairs. Mabigat ang loob… 

“My heart is sad and loneeellllyyyyy…”. I retired to the fact that this will be a huge disaster. I pity my masseur kasi I surrendered to the fact that I won’t be satisfied. 

He was polite naman. He showed me the room and I simply nodded. “Noooooooo this is not me. Sobrang tahimik ko.” Nagpaalam muna siya na punta muna siyang CR. So I prepared na lang and waited for him. 

Looks/body 8/10 – the guy is a cutie pie. Come to think of it… even if I was sooo psyched to meet Zander intimately. He has clear skin and no foul odor at all. Super maalaga siya kasi Ivan still remember he has this bagpack during the deed. Sobrang handa siya and he even has this sweet and musky perfume that he wore that sets the mood. A bit of a chubby side siya… some will appreciate this physique. Me…Tama lang kasi I’m more of sa abs…. it’s a fantasy that I can’t whisk it.

Attitude 10/10 – very polite. I know it was in the wee hours of the morning when I finally decided to pick him but he was all smiles pa rin when we thread our way to the room. Very respectful and he got few jokes up his pocket na mapapatawa Ka. He is a great catch.

Massage 10/10 – I was laying flat until he came wearing his briefs. Good job… handa na si kuya. Malapit na mag umaga kaya Baka nagmamadali na. He politely asked kung hard ba or moderate…. I quipped “hard to moderate”. Though medyo maliit ang physical attributes ko.. I’m picky pagdating sa massage dahil mataas ang tolerance level ko. I guess Im a huge fan of massage so I know if ginawang chess board ang likod ko because of sloppy technique.  

Dito nagpakilala si Xian. 

Grabe ang hagod and massage. He knows what he is doing and he made me feel that I’m a Goddess. Napaungol na Lang ako sa sobrang sarap. Every strokes are well calculated and he knows kung nasaan ang mga pressure. He did not say a word which I do appreciate. Some masseur are too chatty trying sell their wares. He doesn’t. He will show what a good massage is. He also do a combination and stretched my tired and stressed muscles to oblivion. Napa sheeeettt Lang ako! And grabeeee napatunog nya rin ang likod ko. Normally, im too hesitant with this technique kasi its detrimental dun sa receiver especially kung Hindi marunong ang gagawa. He did it well… akala ko may bago akong likod. Sobrang ansarap. I have lower back pains kaya sometimes it’s too hard for me to sit. After massage, it seems na parang nagdahilan lang dahil nawala yung pain. Until now while, I’m writing this blog entry… walang unan or whatsoever to support my lower back. Ang gaan gaan ng feeling. Plus yung mga lamig ko sa likod na sobrang laki na at parang holen… pinuntirya nya. Yup medyo masakit habang dinudurog nya kasi nararamdaman ko eh pero he did it well. Ang gaan sa loob.  

I would rate him 10/10. If may tataas pa… dun ako. 

Tool 8/10. A bit average for my taste. I know…please don’t throw stones at me. Its just my opinion but he does use his tool very well 

ES 10/10. You will never regret it. It’s wild and amazing.   

“Sir umpishan ko na ba?” 

Ito ang mga katagang nang gising sa akin…medyo nakaidlip na ako dahil sa sobrang sarap ang masahe. “Ay oo sige…” 

Dito na ako pinatikim ng langit…. Super wild. Super torrid kissing. I thought mawawalan ako ng hininga. He devoured me with those sweet soft lips. He slowly caress my neck with his lips…slowly but passionately. I could feel every kisses… ahhhhhh. No words to describe. 

Then he asked me to give him a blow job. He was clenching my head, begging me for more. I swear I don’t mind loosing some hair kung Ganito naman kasarap.  

Then he slowly slip the rubber and slip into me…. Oh gawwwddd  

I can feel his tool and though it’s average for me… he knows how to use it. I was moaning too loud by that time and I was extra happy. I don’t care … I felt I’m a hentai porno queen ready to explode at anytime.   

Damage: 2500 all in since this is the minimum rate of th spa but added another 500 for a job well done. 

REHIRE. Oh yes… anytime. Anyday and any way. For inquiries pls look for Rey of Essensa 09266581730

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