#redshoechronicle : a guy a named Khent

I’m glad other Fairies are having fun with their chosen Prince Charming.  This is why I’m hesitant to post this new entry from mwah!
I admit that I do have a man crush over this guy sa Facebook which I literally launch a cyber stalking.  His name is Khent and his masseur storyline started when he is still employed in a local spa sa Laguna.  I forgot the name of the spa but I literally came across his name when a queen posted a glowing review about him.   Of course, I skipped to some of his narratives and went straight to the good stuff and his pictures.  And booooyyyyy…. #amazing

So immediately i included him on my “short list of delicious and delectable men” so when my birthday comes, I’ll have him as my birthday present.  It’s like opening a box of chocolates or like Christmas Day in mid October. 
I even have plans to travel as far as Laguna just to hire him.  I was searching for motels and how can I get to Laguna, travel time etc.  Literally, it’s like high school again trying to look for ways and means para Lang makita si “crushie “.
Until his talent was acquired by an online spa called Red Manila or Red Spa (I forgot the freakin name) facilitated by Edison Yu.  I know by now you may have recalled his post and his line up of masseur.  Nabasa nyo na siguro yung mga post sa “Mga Lalaking Masahista” or any groups who tackles “masahista”.  He has a group of masseurs under his wing that he facilitates.  I don’t know if you hired any of them, feel free to comment below with your experience or feedback so we can share wisdom and facts.

This kinda makes me sad granted pag na acquire na sila ng certain facilitator/managers unti unti na silang kinakain ng sistema.  But then again, I do have a huge crush on him kaya im  still willing to hire this guy for my birthday.
A lot of preparation, research etc.  it’s funny though, I only get to read a few reviews from my co fairies or I just cant simply find a link that tackles Khents services or the entire spas Performance sa Ibang clients etc. 
Soooo keribels…. I started negotiating via Facebook and this is how our conversation goes

Soooo with that in mind…siyempre ang Lola mo super excited.   Finally I’ll be meeting my super crush.   My expectations are higher now granted that he was asking too much way above SRP.  So siyempre ako naman…. day dreamer and babae Lang – asado pao.

LOOKS 8/10 – the moment he entered the room, my heart skips a beat.  He is gwapo, medyo edgy ng konti dahil I found out he is a rock band singer kaya may rock and roll and vibe siya.   His tattoos are the best…  I do love men with tattoos.  It give a little “umph” sa personality.  He is not that masculine… I think I expected too much.  Payat kasi siya so the figure come with it.   Wala na ang malaking tyan kasi nga payat si kuya.   Medyo kulay kaligatan but the height throws me off.   I mean … for me if you failed in one department like muscles division, you may want to give the height and the legs.   He stands 5’5″ ata kasi halos magkasingtangkad kami eh.   The legs are not properly constructed though…meaning kung nag lap dance ako sa kanya, di kakayanin pag biglaang kakandong ako sa kanya.
MASSAGE 1/10 – goodnessssss gracious Hindi pwede sa akin ang papindot Pindot lang.  gusto kong mag mala Barbara Tengco pero sabi ko na lang sa sarili ko “Girlllllll…… birthday mo and ginusto mo Ito di ba.”
ES 1/10 – for when a guy demanded for a rate, he got to perform well.  On this case, he asked for 4K which I haggled down to 3K.  So I am freaking expecting that you will pull out the big guns and shower me with man juice for Petes sake.

He did pull out his guns… nabigla ako ate. Di ko expected.  Ano Ito… water guns for 5 years old??????

Okay… I guess I’m not liking the whole scenario.  Parang gusto ko na Lang magwala at mag mala Cruella DeVille pero pinigilan ko na Lang ang sarili ko.  Gow pa rin si ate with my fighting spirit…ganern.  Sige higoppp…. chupssss…. sandali pagod na ako, di pa rin tumitigas.  

So we tried another position Baka naman may himala at bisitahin siya ng libog…. nang NASA marino position na kami…biglang humirit “Baka pwedeng dagdagan mo na ng 1k kasi kailangan ko ng pera, magpapagawa pa ako ng motor and magpapalabas naman ako eh”

Seriously kuya… your asking me this while I’m beneath you…naked. Ano Ito hold up?????? So I tried to say something “di ba napagusapan natin 3K all in….”

“Eh kasi yung 1K ibibigay ko pa sa spa…etc etc” 

Di ko na naintindihan ang sinabi ni Khent.  Nawalan na ako ng gana.  I just wanted to end the night.   Medyo nakakadismaya since he was my crush and this just happened.  After all the nice things that I’ve done.  I even bought him dinner Baka kasi pagod and gutom siya kasi galing byahe.  

Hayyyyyyy …. so I ended the night unsatisfied and gave away 4K.   What a night….
So I guess if you want to hire any of his services, a screenshot of their number is posted. 

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