find out what makes me tick …


 about me …

 hmmm …

 the thing about writing ‘something’ for myself is a bit odd and weird.  i don’t even have a decent profile in my tagged, facebook and friendster account so i’m a bit disoriented right now.  I don’t even know where to start … arrrrgggggghhhhhh

anyway, i could say i’m a bit of everything like – a bit nasty, partly neurotic who loves farting every after meal.  i love listening to music and my tastebud for melody is diverse – from adult contemporary, r&b, vocal jazz, new age, rock ballads, pop, techno and house mixes.  And yes, im a hopeless romantic, loves sex and a bit horny at times who wanted to be sucked, fucked and vice versa.

still single at 30 and loves to paint.  excess baggage? i got tons of it!

i love collecting gay films on video and loves the aesthetics of man BUT i don’t want to be involved with drop dead good looking self conceited guys who only loves themselves other than their pet dogs. In short, i go out with anyone and don’t judge by how they look.  (but of course, it wouldnt hurt if my date will take a bath first and brush his teeth hehehehehe).

i have a dog whose name is bruno and living at the heart of manila.

thank you for taking the time in reading my ‘rubbish’ profile.

thank you for navigating mg blog as well.

please feel free to leave a comment and i would not hesitate to respond.  good or bad comments … let me know.  if you want to feature a certain topic or your picture, please let me know.  you could send your letters of affection to Add me to your facebook, tagged, guys4men and friendster. Find me at TWITTER as well: AJtwittsback.

PS: hey, if you’re reading this page and wondering how you can be featured as HUNK of the WEEK since you got tons of pictures that is worthy to be idolized and fantasized, then HIT my email and send those yummy pictures.

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