The #NakedTruth behind #Bench fashion show

I guess its not yet over until the fat lady sings.

Just found some pictures that i may have saved after the Naked Truth Fashion Show which i generously tucked in my android phone.   I managed to snagged it from Dominique Roques FB account which he generously shares to his FB fans.   Apparently he is one of the creative geniuses who con-cock-ted this years fashion gala.  He is hands-on, from initial screening until final call back of the male models.  (You may have been thinkin what im thinkin…)

Anyway, here are some pictures behind the scene







#MyHusbandsLover: the final week

It is the final week for “My Husbands Lover”. And I bet the whole gay community are awaiting the conclusion of the great love triangle between Vincent, Lally and Eric.

Who would have thought that a gay-themed soap opera would finally see a day when it will be telecast on a Philippine television wherein Roman Catholic remains the primary religion in a local setting?  The country aside from Vatican has remained strong with its core family values and has yet to acknowledge divorce as a “law”.  Never in a million years that I would have imagined two guys as main character and lovely young lady as the third wheel.  So kudos to its writer/developer Suzette Doctolero and the master director himself Dominic Zapata who brings in to life the saga of three intertwined souls from the web of deceit, love, machismo, society and sexual orientation.

The soap wont be successful as it is without its stellar cast spearheaded by Ms Carla Abellana (as Lally), Dennis Trillo (as Eric) and the phenomenal star Tom Rodriguez (as Vincent) who found new success with its new network (GMA 7).

So again, congratulations to the makers of “My Husbands Lover”.

with Direk Dominic Zapata
the episode when Lally discovered her husbands lover. Truly heart breaking performance by Ms. Carla Abellana
Vincent imagined himself if he finally come OUT and what future may bring
truly successful: they even had a concert
followed and adored by millions

ECO-friendly santacruzan ng mga BEKI



The things you can do with a piece of trash!  Just take a colorful idea, creative hands and a whip of my fairy dust!!!

The account that i’m working with often posted challenges amongst peers.  Just to spice things up from the monotonous and often stressful life of a call center agent.  For this challenge, our main task is to create a beautiful gown made out from trash / indigenous or recyclable materials.  Just like “PROJECT RUNWAY and PROJECT ACCESSORIES”  all rolled into one … but with a Filipino twist.  The main theme is Flores de Mayo so expect the most elaborate pieces from this side of town.  Its one successful event that my friend Chaz Zenith has created.  Everyone participated and adored the fabulous masterpieces. I just hoped that there will be another event like this.

I posted below some of my friends creations… of course ang na-post ko lang ay yung mga beki since my blog is solely dedicated for LGBT.  Find out who i am amongst the featured ‘sagalas’… scroll down girl.


the #TOMDEN phenomena


Marami ang kinilig… marami ang napatili pero hindi dahil si Sharon at si Gabby ay nagkabalikan – at dahil next to impossible na mangyari yun, friend.  Tumitili sina nanay, ate, tita at maging ang mga mga kapanalig ko sa pananampalataya with matching back twist at cart wheel pa dahil sa bagong love team na talagang namang sinusubaybayan sa GMA7.  Walang iba kundi ang…



OPO… hashtag na natin ang #TOMDEN love affair.  Phenomenal talaga ang popularidad ng dalawa.  Ewan ko ba pero ang lakas naman talaga nang chemistry ni Dennis Trillo at Tom Rodriguez.  Ebidensiya ba kamo… eto ang naglalawa kong sagot dyan…


kitam pati ikaw muntik nang tumili sa mga moments captured in pictures.  Plus di mo maitatangi na andami talagang tagahanga at nanonood ng phenomenal

TV series na ‘My Husbands Lover’



santacruzan sa bayan ni juan

The Santacruzan is a popular religious festival held in many towns and cities throughout the Philippines as the highlight of the month-long celebration of Flores de Mayo during the month of May. It is usually celebrated with a parade of decorated floats and elaborately dressed characters, representing various aspects of the Virgin Mary and other figures. The festival was introduced to the country during the Spanish period and continues to be celebrated by  Filipinos all over the world.

Participants are hand picked by ‘Hermana Mayor’ who usually sponsors the said event.  Only the most beautiful virgins are invited to represent each ‘queens’.  Since gays are legally denied of this celebration, we created our own version of Santacruzan.  Below are some pictures that i took at least 3 to 4 years ago.  i hope youll have fun guys…


Ating i-Kubli si Johnron Tanada habang humihigop ng mainit na KAPENG BARAKO. P@K!

In the absence of Josh Ivan Morales from the gay indie film genre comes another hunk from Viva HOT Men that clearly dominates the silver screen nowadays.  Of course we all knew Johnron Tanada SOOOO well and i’m so sure na napanood mo na ang ilan sa mga films nya.  I bet you may have had ‘happy endings’ while watching his ooooh-so00-layla-uhmmmm-tempting body.

Napatili at napaiyak ako sa tuwa ng malaman ko na may 2 films pa siya na hindi ko pa napapanood chieee…. kaya na na-plak plak ang mga palad na itey at mega PAK pa ang aking puso dahil sa wakas.. maiibsan ang dry spell sa buhay na itech.  Kaya GORA na mga bakla at watchina na ito sa major theaters.

BLACK IS BACK: Black Party 2011 @ Malate Manila

THIS IS IT!  The annual BLACK PARTY is back endorsed by no less than ANNE CURTIS.  October 29, 2011 – @Orosa/Nakpil, Malate, Manila.

Be there and wear the tiniest black shirt you could pull out from your closet!


Proud to be LGBT campaign

WOW… this really makes me proud.  Pero simulan ko muna siyempre sa kuwento kung bakit ako SSOOOOO PROOOOUUUUDDDD …

Dahil akala ko na-miss ko ang WHITE PRIDE this year, nag mega search ako sa aking FB kung sino ang pwede kong talakan dahil ni hindi man lang na-announce ng bongga sa sang-kabaklaan.  Buti na lang at naurong daw ang event dahil nagmamaasim ang bagyong Falcon kaya di natuloy.  Sa July 16 na raw ang White Pride kaya may time pa para mapagipunan at mapaghandaan ang araw na ito.  TANDAAN: July 16, 2011 na po ang white pride.  Yan ang official results ng Namfrel and Comelec.

until i stumbled upon this post:  : The ‘Proud to be LGBT (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgenders)’ Campaign Network is a network of individuals and organizations based in the University of the Philippines, advocating protection of all Filipinos from discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.
Its Vision: An environment free from stigma, discrimination, and violence on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.

Mission: The campaign aims to raise public awareness and provide avenues for active involvement and participation of advocates in the promotion and protection of equal human rights of all Filipinos regardless of what his/her gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression is.

[For questions or inquiries about this campaign, feel free to send your messages to]

Abay bongga talaga… natuwa ako sa gesture ng PROUD TO BE LGBT kaya i want this mission to be successful and re-posted it thru my FB account and thru this humble blog.  I hope that everyone who reads this post will somehow re-post it thru their blog – straight or gay.  I will try to ask some of my friends as well to pose for me and try my very best to contribute.  I hope that we share the same message to everyone… i took the liberty to pose some pictures as an example for this great project




I tried to update my blog sa kahit anong paraan alam ko… kaya lang kalaban ko talaga ang katamaran at kalandian.  Minsan kasi walang time kaya sana, yung ibang tagapagtangkilik ko (naks…sarap naman pakingan) which includes my gay hag, my auntie and my pet dog Brunoay  – patawarin nyu sana ang inyong abang lingkod.

Minsan rin kasi eh sobrang kaunti ang nakukuha kong mga updates lalo na yung nagdaang June Gay Pride.  Buti pa yung mga taga-states…super updated sila with matching Gay Pride Parade.  Kaenget!!!

Kay eto na…resulta nang aking pagkadismaya at dahil nagyun lang ako may extrang araw para magdildil ng oras sa internet shop dito sa may kanto, sisimulan ko this month of July ang mga gay events na minsan na ring nilambing sa akin.  I hope na we support this events in lieu with our fairy godmothers… pagipunan na ang mga araw na ito at wag kalimutan na yayain ang inyong blogger…. may FB account ako at ‘i-poke’ ako ng bonnga para ma-poke din kita…

JULY 16, 2011


Orosa-Nakpil, Malate / Water Gates open starting 10PM / Tickets at 100 and 500 for VIP…. yung mas mura para sa mgas tulad kong Aliping Sagigilid

JULY 16, 2011


presented by  LGBT PRODUCTIONS 


KETCHUP MAGAZINE: Search for De La Ultimo Icono 2011

* 18yrs. old and above
* at least 5′ tall ( FOR BUTCH/FEMME); 5’5′ (FOR GAY BI/TRANSGENDER)
* with pleasing and stunning personality

P40,000 and up prizes to be given away
with a wide expectation of audience over 1,000 lgbt people

For Registratin Details Please contact Martin 09279752629 or call 881.31.81
Or Email

July 17, 2011


presented by

Ladlad Party-list and the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA)

8:00 PM at the PETA Theater Center / No. 5 Eymard Drive, New Manila, Quezon City.

PR NOTES: Care Divas is a disarmingly funny and candid musical drama.It follows the lives of Chelsea (Melvin Lee), Shai (Vincent De Jesus), Kayla (Jerald Napoles, Ricci Chan), Thalia (Dudz Teraña, Jason Barcial) and Jonee (Phil Noble, Buddy Caramat), five Filipino Overseas Filipino Workers who have emigrated to Israel to work as health care providers for the elderly and who in their spare time, perform as drag queens. While desperate to make ends meet in another country, they also struggle to search for freedom and acceptance.

Tickets are at P800(VIP) and P600 (Free Seating)each.

For inquiries and ticket reservations, contact the following;
Ms. Bemz Benedito | 0917 998 4584
Mr. Patrick Espino | 0917 928 6281
or call the Ladlad Party-list HQ at (02) 584 8029

white party 2010: BED’s IllumiDANCE tayo!!!

BED Malate’s Annual White Party
10 pm Saturday June 26, 2010

DJ Sabotage + Brian Cua + DJ Omar + DragOns

Experience the full moon like never before!
Journey to the lunar BEDscape in your fiercest,
most luminous white outfits
and cast yourself into the high tide of testosterone, electrifying music and lush drinks.

Support Task Force Pride in raising funds for the Manila Pride 2010 in December.

Php50 off cover for those in WHITE
Happy Hour 241 Cocktails 10-12 MN