#newbeginnings … it starts with opening the door.

#newbeginnings #newyear … sometimes it’s scary and almost frightening to step forward. We don’t know what life brings to the table and how will it turn out once you take the first step. But then again life is all about #movingforward … just #keeponswimming and life may #surprise you. These #changes are part of our life and we got to see what is in store for us otherwise we will be stuck on the same room while others has explored other areas of the house. 

Tagalog version of #PokemonGo

I was browsing Facebook this weekend when they finally launched the app game Pokemon Go here in the Philippines.  The same app game that caused enough havoc and turmoil in the US finally made it in the local shore.

Of course my friends who got high end smart phones goes #gaga over fictional characters. I, on the other hand did not downloaded the app because

1. I’m not a huge fan of Pokemon.  I love uttering “pokemo” especially if I’m mad or agitated but playing the game is too much for me.

2. I don’t understand the story line.  I’m better off repeating fairy tale stories or I would rather watch Conan or Doraemon anytime than watch a bunch of kids hunting for eggs.. Sounds too kinky for me 

3. Too many characters.  In reality, I can’t even memorize a guys name let alone memorizing more than one dozen of animated characters that I don’t even care

One Fb page that I follow Pepeng Malupet which was originally posted by  Swarovski Robyn listed Filipino translation of Pokemon names. This I find it hilarious and super funny 

Remember, Filipino heroine Darna wears a bra just like this.  In the early 90s, starlets and bomba stars often wear this during tabloid shoots 

The #talangka mentality

#bes… Meaning bestie or BFF or best friend.  Rofl 

If you’re Pinoy… You know what does it mean.  “Tangna Andeng wag mong sabihing did more ma-gets!”

The Encantadia character named #Pirena.  The original character played by a local actress Sunshine Dizon has the same costume.

Big mouth loves to suck cocks … Judge me 

If there is #chupaera.. This bird comes after

Local version of Little Mermaid 

Tagalog version of bean sprout

It’s a song dumbass… Remember they are looking for him… “Nasaan  na raw ang lider ng tatlong bibe so stop hunting him!!!

Well… Ill mannered poor gay thwats… Beware if your frenemies suddenly posted this on your timeline

In English… Scrotum hahahahha

In English… The hair down there.  Rofl!  I just hope that I expanded your Tagalog vocabulary using this post.

Victor Aliwalas says #goodbye


April 12 2009, i featured newbie model turned actor Victor Aliwalas on my humble blog.  I even titled it “Victor Aliwalas: besmucled fantasy”.  By then he was featured on several teleserye in GMA and marches his way to cat walk. 

His short stint in showbiz/modelling may have pave his way to other career goals.  3 years ago he quits the industry and starts a new chapter.

I just got a message from him from my facebook account.  He was asking if i can delete his shirtless photos off from my gay blogsite.  He gave a compelling message and explain why there is a need for him to wipe out his past.

Heres what he has to say:




So i go through my previous post and review. I dont see any deragatory remarks from my post as it is random profile which i got off from the internet. The shirtless picture he is referring to is a screen capture off from the telly while wearing a head gear parading the cat walk – shirtless. Again this is brodcasted on a national TV on a Sunday afternoon. I guess that is kinda strange asking a lowly blogger to delete his shirtless photo which i got from a local program. And i dont own a smart phone in 2009, i got it from the internet. Im no papparazzi who will hide on the bushes and try to snap a picture of anyone while they are celebrating their privacy.

Based on his message, “thank you” daw since i enjoyed his shirtless photo. I did… but i also enjoyed other men who has the courage to go shirtless. It takes gutts and will power. If i have a pecks like that… ill be delighted. But i wont ask anyone to delete it since that is part of my past. It saddens me how he wants to eliminate it. It has nothing to do with corporate sponsors. Not unless your knocking on Catholic church doors then thats a different side of the story. But then again Isko Moreno is holding a vital position in city hall who started as a starlet in the late 80’s and a string of tittilating films under his belt. How about the king of pene films who is also the honorable mayor of Laguna. He has a shady past but he stood up and use his background in gaining local position. I guess my point is… the past is just a bench mark of what we are today. Wiping out history is not the answer. Youll just end up erasing every details of who you are.

If i were a famous blogger… i may have not received this message. Anyway… who am i? Im nobody! Siguro if im writing for Phil Star or Inquirer, my efforts are well accepted.

My blog post are like my little minions. I love everything. Because it takes time for me to write something. Im not a literary genius. Napakaraming grammatical error sa kada post ko kaya its hard for me to write a blog post.

But i guess someone has to start somewhere. Kahit na medyo emotional … ill give in to his request. Pabaon ko pa ang pag-delete ko sa 2009 blog post ko for you if you felt na medyo awkward to be featured by a gay blogger.

Goodluck to your future career goals.

#DiaryNgTorpe : where did you spend your morning?


Under the lotus flowers
Right beneath the cloudless blue sky

Asking age-old questions…
Where can i find thy #TrueLove?
Can #love find me before the world writes down her ending?
Will i ever find love?
Will he?

I guess i will never ever know
The answer to my question
Not unless i raise thy hands in the mid air, hold thy breath and wish for luck

I just hope there is a wishing well
Where i could toss my aspirations
Where wishes do come true
If you could simple question…
One question that ive been longing to hear…

“Whats your name?”

I guess ill never know. Ill hide behind the willow tree and weep my sorrow.

My own brand of #MothersDay


Im not a mother.. and i dont know if ill ever be a father

But i was overwhelmed with your mothers day greetings.  The warm hugs, delightful greetings and enchanting messages i got personally and through cyberspace are truly overwhelming.

I dont know how true mothers do it… to give birth and raise a kid to his/her maturity.  How to explain where babies came from and over all how to create a new individual with right ounce of courage, positivity and love who respects others amidst its difference.

Thats why im so thankful that others see me as a mother.  I am humbled and i felt im not worthy of such title.  Im not a complete person but i try my best to keep my heads up and give what i can to 2 nephews and 2 nieces (plus my sister which i adore).

I dont talk this much in person but i have to express my thoughts on other ways just to let my family know how much i adore them.  I just hope they value what i can give now and what i can give tommorow.

I hope that as i get older… youll be there to carry me

Eh ikaw naman ang nanghingi ng pera sa FB status mo, ikaw pa ang may ganang magalit!

A guy asked money using his FB status. Of course someone will respond and asking something in return.  Then this guy simply says NO and posted ill words on his status.

I guess nothing comes for free these days

You invited evil, then be ready when the devil steps in.


Hayyy kuya… sa uli uli kung ayaw mong makakuha nang kung anu-anong messages from perverts, eh wag kasing kung anu ano rin ang nilalagay mo sa status mo.  On the first place FB is a public domain plus the number one social media in the world.  Anyone could read your status especially kung batayan mo sa buhay ay ang dami ng likers mo.

Seriously… ikaw naman kasi ang nagsimula nun.  Ikaw ang nanghingi ng pera on the first place.  Then you will be offended if they asked for your nude picture or sex.  Come on…

Hindi dahil sa gwapo or cute ka or may dating then you can get away for almost anything.  Naghakot ka lang ng mga aswang sa bahay mo! Esep esep rin!