Aljur Abrenica: #PersonaNonGrata

Pinasok na ata ng hangin ang utak ni Aljur Abrenica when he filed to “end his mother contract” with GMA 7.  The network described the ordeal as

‘very unfortunate’

“GMA Artist Center has not been remiss in its duties as his manager, practising a consultative style of management with Aljur. With his best interest in mind, this practice has accorded him every opportunity to personally assess all offers to reach a mutual agreement.”

“GMA Network has equally given him projects, some of which were lead roles in the Network’s primetime programs.”

“Aljur is a home-grown GMA talent who was discovered through the reality search, Starstruck, in 2007.”

Aljur should have thought about this action thoroughly.  Dapat pinagtuunan nya muna ang pag-aaral ng proper acting hindi yung puro papa-kyut lang ang alam niya.  He should have considered the fact that GMA invested a lot on him.  Kahit na nga palpak ang mga TV serye nya at hindi karaniwang nag-rerate eh pinagtyagaan pa rin siya.  Remember “Machete”… tumagal nga lang ata ito ng isang buwan sa ere.  How about yung movie nya na hindi naman ata tumabo sa takilya – “My Kontrabida Girl”.  Tinambal pa siya kay Rhian Ramos ah.  Pinagtyagaan kong panoorin ang movie na ito dahil mega crush ko naman talaga si Aljur Abrenica pero dyusko ang akting… ansakit sa panga.  May eksena pa nga rito na nasa gitna sila ng palayan ni Rhian.  Medyo heavy na dapat ang aktingan pero parang walang dating.  Ang ginawa ni direk, nagpaulan na lang para madaya yung eksena. Para mukhang umiiyak si Aljur bwahahaha.

San naman siya sisiksik…sa ABS CBN?  Dahil ingit na ingit siya sa career ni Paolo Avelino?  Dyuskoday!!! Di ba niya naisip na kaya di naman napansin dati si Paolo sa GMA eh dahil nakatutok sila sa kanya dahil siya nga yung Big Winner by that time.  Eh kung may choice lang naman ang GMA 7 by that time eh di sana mas binigyan nila ng priority si Paolo.

Tigilan mo nga ako Aljur… kanino ka lalaban sa ABS? Kina John  Lloyd at Gerald?  Magaral ka muna ng Ingles… yung straight english bago ka mag-inarte. Nakakakulo ka lang ng ulo!

#1D is the new #beatles


It was just last week when local promoters started selling diamond tickets for “one direction” concert… a concert slated next year for 2 consecutive evening – march 21 and 22, 2015.  Wow… an early marketing bonanza that will surely make local promoters richer beyond their imagination.

The ticket booth opens by 8am.  pero local fans started to fall in line round 3am just to get the tickets.  Eh… siyempre limited seats.  Hindi lahat nakabili.

Yun na ang simula ng mga nanay na sobrang galit at mga dalaginding na umiiyak dahil hindi nga nakabili ng tickets. Grabe ang response ng tao sa “one direction”.

I just hope na sana ganito rin ang clamor ng mga batang ito sa local artist natin.  I mean, come to think of it – a diamond ticket is worth 14k plus.  Isang kinsenas na sahod yan. I think this is the same reaction ng magpunta ang korean boy band na Super Junior.

Im not being patriotic or whatever but have you seen a long line of ticket buyers for a Gary V concert nowadays.   Im sure pahirapan pa ang bentahan at ang front seat e puro freebie.   Mas nakabenta pa nga yata si Anne Curtis at napuno nya ang Araneta based sa last concert nya na “Annebisyosa” and “Annekapal”.  A huge success for a non-singer.  I think the catch is… manonood ka ng babaeng ubod ng ganda at magsasawa ka sa kanonood ng babaeng pumipiyok all throughout the show. What i like about her is her “honesty”.  She compensates it with grand production that would entertain her huge follower.

I just hope that we support local talents rin.  I dont think the last valentine concert of Ogie Alcasid dedicated for singles made it far based on local ticket sales.  And here we are, shedding our hard earned pesos to foreign acts.  I dont think this would help our local economics and Mareng Winnie would agree.  I think ill buy tickets of “no direction” na lang.  The tickets wont cost me an arm and a leg … and i still have a few pesos to buy me starbucks (LOL)


Just because im #gay! #Judgemental society


More terrible news from a friend who passed away.

Earlier i found the cause of death. He died due to pneumonia which led to a series of complications.  I also found out that he resigned last February and therefore he is not eligible with the company insurance – a month before he passed away. But the medical benefits was placed in good use and he overutilized Intellicares services.  The remaining balance that he owe was due to the fact the he sold the iphone he won last Christmas which compensates the rest of his finances.

What really bothers me is how rumors roam around, pass from one mouth to another. Conclusions without basis.

Im a gay man and its sad to hear that your friends has too much to say without asking for more infomation.   The guy doesnt have AIDS… he died because of Pneumonia.  Period.

I wonder if i was the one who passed away? What would they think about me?  Would i be tongue slashed because of some unknown reason and link my tragic death to AIDS… just because im gay!

And what IF he really passed away due to AIDS.  He is just a victim of a random Russian roulette by a sad soul who wants to color the town RED with revenge.  It is not our duty to judge just because he had sex.  Anyone – straight or gay can be infected by the killer disease. It walks amongst us and there is no way to detect it.  We dont havr x-ray visions that only Clark Kent has!

Why dont we just celebrate his life?  Why dont we just talk about his fabulous life and how he struggled to get out from the closet! How strong and courageous he is in dealing with adversity.

Sad… so sad

Pag #bading ang namatay… #AIDS agad ang dahilan. Grabe naman!!


I just received a terrible news.  A friend passed away recently. 

But the news that lingers that comes with his death is terrible.

The guy who passed away is gay

Nakakalungkot isipin na often, people judge people because of orientation and sexual preferences.  If a woman passed away and she was perceived na “party girl” when she was still living… people conclude that the manner of death may have been either liver cancer or any sexually transmitted disease. They would say na she was a bad daughter or worst… incompetent mother especially if she is a sole parent of 2 or 3 lovely kids. 

If a gay guy passed away, kahit na related sa heart or liver yung manner of death, people would say “namatay daw sa AIDS?”

Thats harsh!!!

What makes you think na if one chooses and accepts that he or she was gay by the time he is living that all we think about is SEX!?!  Shame on you! 

That we are like dogs who humps anyone and anywhere we wanted to. We may have joke a lot about these things but we are more than that. We are good sons and daughters.  Often a bread winner who takes good care of thy mother/father who heterosexuals left when they established their own family. Kami na nagpapaaral ng mga pamangkin, pinsan or inaanak dahil hindi nagamapanan ng mga totoo nilang magulang ang kanilang obligasyon.  Kami na mga bading na ang gusto lang naman ay matangap ng lahat at matutong mahalin ng wagas without looking on her bank accounts. Kami na mga bading na halos gawing araw ang gabi para lang magtrabaho para sa mga mahal namin sa buhay.

Nakakalungkot isipin na ganito ang tingin nyo sa amin.


Facebook just celebrated its 10 years anniversary and one way of celebrating such phenomenal success that last for more than a decade, they treated their followers and FB users with a video that looks back on our so-called life.  I wanted to post it in my blog but im no techie (anyone who could help me please)

 I can’t say that what I gone through is a “bed of roses”.  Ive been to hell and back and definitely, im still working my ass-off to be a “better” me.  Im not perfect, I make mistakes in the past – I only hope that if ever it bites me once again… im prepared to fight back. But there are NO REGRETS.  I never regretted any single moment.  It makes me what I am today and if ever people judge me of they see in facebook,  what they read on this blog and what they had discovered in cyberspace… I took them all accounted as who I am.

On the first place, who are they to judge me.  They don’t feed my family, I don’t ask a single shilling out from their pocket.  My past may have been jaded and dark but what is important is what I am NOW. Without those single moments, I won’t get any wiser – I won’t be here.

I got #mail

I got a private message from one of the indie actors that I once featured on my blog.  He was asking if I could delete all of his pictures I tagged on my blog.  He did properly introduced him self as Will Sandejas.  His message found below:

I did responded and uttered “you know for a fact that i’m not the only one who featured you on their blogs..”

He politely answered “oo nga po eh…” and said “ iniisa isa ko na nga po sila”

I just finished editing 6 posts that shows his pictures and a post that I kept private.  I fully understand his dilemma but we are on a cyberage of what you may have done in the past may no longer be deleted.  Deep in my heart, I hope for the best – for Will’s family, friends and his inner peace.

 –        Think of Aj