CHANNING TATUM: my ultimate fantasy


Aminin mo… wag ka ng magpa-tweetums. Super fan ka ni CHANNING TATUM.  Eh sino ba naman ang hinde, bakla… tingnan mo naman yan.  Katawan pa lang ulam na!  Kaya nga wiz ko man ang “White House Down”, go pa rin ang support.  Mas lalo naman ng pinalabas ang “Magic Mike”.  Pinanood ko na sa big screen, bumili pa ako ng DVD.  Ultimate hunk and crush!

What i do like about him, he acknowledges his gay fans as well.  He does not alienate as or whatsoever simply because he is confident with his sexuality.  He knows which genre should he target and which role fits him.  He does not try what he cant be and eats more than he can chew!  So go ahead and simply scroll below… just prepare for some tissue


Video review: Campus Crush


i just watched a whole indie gay film over the tube.  CAMPUS CRUSH –  its  about an all-boys school that delivers a gay guys journey to gay-hood.  Most likely, its your average glee-esque out take of Kurt Hummel and David Karofsky.  But this time, its the WORST version.

I’m not saying that the indie film is any good – it’s NO GOOD AT ALL so don’t you ever buy it in DVD.  Actually, i vomited a few times due to bad acting.  I cant describe how horrified i am and squeal each time they deliver their lines.  I think its like pulling teeth … hard and painful.  But anyway i do support the “arts and the gay community” so i opted to finish it anyway.  I don’t agree on some scenes and how they placed a spotlight in gay’s life.  Though, bits and pieces are likely true but most of the plot were exaggerated and completely far from the truth.

I do regret the fact that they tried to highlight the gay community as “sex-starved money-centered” people who thinks about sex almost every minute.  Its NOT how we roll… we also have lives to tend and bills to pay so we cannot just give out i-phone everyday like a piece of candy.  Come on… the film is shot entirely in P.U.P.  The building are torn and the C.R. are freakin awful.  I hope they opted for a better location but i guess due to budget constraint – that will do.  If they want an all boys school with a pool, why dont they shoot it on several locations instead.  I bet these guys don’t know how to use an I-phone nor own one.  I dont even have one but ‘damn it’… i saved my pesos for a samsung galaxy for several months before i opted to rush and buy it.

But i do give ‘two snaps’ to the writers.  Bongga yung eksena kung saan pinakita ng flamboyant gay character (the name i forgot) yung pictures niya habang nasa isang meeting gay club.  Pinakita niya yung picture niya with the guy whom his best friend is dating with – shocking (somehow) dahil it was him and that guy in a party while canoodling with each other.  Horrifying truth!

Its not that it happened to me since my bestfriend from time in memorial may have tried to pull a rag underneath me but how those lines may have struck a string or two.  Ang kaibigan, you accept him no matter what … pokpok man siya oh isa sa pinaka-moody na tao sa mundo.  You accept him no matter what and you fight for him until you can.

VIDEO REVIEW: Koverboyz 2009

Another run-of-the-mill gay flick which shows several situations of supposedly hunky male actors/models in quirky locations which you could held your quick tryst which stars Xander whom i previously featured under ‘Ohhh-La-La Asian Hunks’

My verdict: do not attempt to buy. Just borrow from a friend who were cursing the high heaven why did he even bought the ‘thing’.  His hard earned money were thrown out in the gutter by buying this DVD.

‘what am I thinking?’ I guess it’s the same thing that I have uttered after I finished skipping each scenes.  It would only take you one and a half minute to finish it.